How can i create a docker or can some one make one for me in apps

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52 minutes ago, Fdirckx said:

wont get it to work


yes it works but cant give a location for my settings etc so every time i restart it its complete fresh


It's super straight forward. You search for "mobius-hotline-server" under Apps, then click on "Get more results from DockerHub", click install.

Then you set up the path mappings yourself under " Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device". According to GitHub, mobius requires "$HLFILES:/usr/local/var/mobius/config"


this means for unraid in the UI ContainerPath would be "/usr/local/var/mobius/config" and HostPath your array path where you want to persist the files. Usually "/mnt/appdata/mobius" or directly on your cache.

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yes it works now 

only next problem is here.


i have some maps there that have files bigger than 4-5 gig but i cant see them in the server but when i go to the map via windows i can see the bigger files 2

realy dont get it it looks like the old file system but its only in the server


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