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Skull Bashing Setup fix (regataOS)

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been trying to abandon windows (gaming) for quite a while. i found i could not install the regata iso the normal way (Install ISO path:) as i would get a black screen regardless of what bios i had used. the only change was that i could get to the grub page BUT would spit back "you need to load the kernel first"

So here's how to fix that. (if you happened to not have a usb inserted into the host already and have to do this remotely)

--TLDR if you have a secondary laptop just download the iso, flash it, then before you run the VM make sure to attach the USB to the vm) -- SUCCESS

1. setup (or already have) a VM with a secondary drive with the bus set as USB (5GB)

2. download the iso while running that vm and flash it to that secondary drive you setup (make sure you check the disk manager to create a partition/format the disk so it can be seen by the flash program of choice)

3. make a second vm and direct it to use that 2nd vdisk you just flashed

4. no longer be infuriated when you get a black screen with a mouse (because if you followed this it should not happen anymore.

this has been the skullbashing setup fix tutorial for regataOS

i now have a headache, take care.

What i tried




What Put me in the right Direction:


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so that initial fix helps you actually install the iso, however upon leaving the desktop in a reboot (after installing nvidia drivers) it goes back to doing the black screen again and giving sudo login prompt (ctrl+alt+f2) (the default is root/regata) if you tried the previous post not following the steps and doing it the "normal way"

this is giving me brain rot so i'm gonna move to something else. cheers if you figure it out.

have a great day.


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