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Security question, but potentially not unraid applicable

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Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum or spot, but hoping someone might be able to give some pointers or put me in the right direction.


I'm new to this thing and I'm slowly building up my unraid server and trying to configure it for best or near best security practices.

unraid version is 6.12.0 rc6

Currently, the server is connected to the unraid connect plugin and i can access it remotely via that site. which is fine.

I have torrent dockers setup going through a VPN and they are working ok (mullvad VPN using wireguard)

I'm using nginx proxy manager to point some domains (123.domain.abc etc) to some dockers and can access them remotely, using Cloudflare's proxied DNS and SSL certificates etc following the 2 IBRACORP YouTube videos.


Currently the only ports being forwarded to unraid box is the ports for nginx and plex.


The next thing i want to do, and i have no idea if this is possible.

I use RDP into my windows desktop to configure the server if I'm away from home (correct port is being forwarded to my pc from router). I use my router's wake on lan function to turn my PC on if need be (and I'm happy to switch to using unraid via connect to use a wake on lan function to turn this on)


The reason i configure this way occasionally rather than the connect plugin, is because i might want to shift some files around via windows explorer, or access the webui of some dockers that I haven't allowed access to the outside.


However, to connect via rdp i use to use a domain - rdp.domain.com, but with the new Cloudflare proxied DNS and SSL i've setup, it no longer connects that way, if i turn off the cloudflare proxy it works, or if i use the straight IP address it works fine. I assume it's because I can't add/change a certificate to the rdp protocol in windows due to it not being a windows server machine.

Is there a way to RDP with a docker/plugin or something to connect to my pc? The PC is running Windows 11 pro if that helps. I'd prefer not to run unattended TeamViewer or anydesk etc and just rdp.


I hope that all made sense, and If this is outside the scope of this forum or anything like that, I'm sorry!


Thanks in advance!


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