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[Solved] Moving Hard Drives

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Since you're using unRAID 5.x series, you merely need to move the sata cables over. This is assuming your SATA controller card is already supported. As long as the drives continue to identify themselves the same (same make and model numbers), the array should restart without any manual intervention being needed. This is one of the many benefits of unRAID 5.0 series since beta 6.


By drive identification I mean something like the following: 'WDC_WD20EADS-00R6B0_WD-WCAVY0247937', or 'ST32000542AS_5XW1J686'. That is how the emhttp management console displays them. The drive letter (/dev/sd#) and even the 'pci-##' is unimportant.


To be safe, capture a screen shot and/or print out your drive assignments with what drive number/slot number they're associated with. Also, never ever press the start/continue button if ANY of your drives show up as unformatted. Post back in this forum before doing any actions if your array doesn't just work off the get-go.


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