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How to remove a drive and redo an EARS drive with the fewest steps?


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First, I just completed a parity sync as of yesterday, from removing a few older small drives.


I have a 500g drive I've emptied that I'd like to remove. I also have a 1.5tb EARS that is not jumpered, and was not setup for the new alignment that I'm going to remove, pre-clear, and readd.


I know I can easily do both of these operations separately but that will cause a resync after each one. My resyncs have been running for about 27 hours, and I'd like to avoid doing another 2. I realize there will be some time that I'm without parity protection, but I'd like to minimize resync/downtime.



Would it be possible to accomplish both these tasks fluidly or am I forced to do them separate and double resync?

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