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  1. Is there a way to monitor disk space on an unassigned device? I've had a few instances where they fill up and I discover it because some process has stopped working in a docker due to full disk.
  2. I have many dockers that have delays to start when the array comes up. If I send a stop array command before they have finished coming up, the system gets stuck trying to shut down the array. Checking on the command line, none of the array drives are mounted except the cache because the docker.img is still mounted. Manually unmounting docker.img seems to allow the system to gracefully continue the stop array.
  3. Has anyone else had any issues with the web ui not actually displaying anything? The page title loads and you can view source code, but nothing is actually rendered on the page.
  4. Contrast on the used space % of the array is pretty difficult to read. So far everything else is looking good.
  5. Should I be able to see devices attached to a Dell PERC H700? I've got a single drive attached to it and the array itself can see the drive, but UD doesn't show it.
  6. Is there a way to trigger a notification to be sent from unraid's notification system? I have sonarr move TV episodes it replaces to a .deletedBySonarr folder and over time they can get pretty big if I don't catch it. I'd like to make a script that checks the size of that folder and if it's larger than X GBs send me a notification.
  7. Yes, I've had this plugin forever and I actually checked it before posting. I didn't realize that part about being able to use a different IP/port. I'll give her a shot!
  8. While that could work, it wouldn't really solve the problem. If the other server didn't come up for some reason I'd still be eventually launching the docker without ensuring the presence of the mounts.
  9. I've seen similar situations to this posted before, but it's not working as I'd expect. I'm running Plex docker on 1 server, and my primary storage shares are on another. I use unassigned devices to mount the storage shares via NFS. On occasion, something may happen and the servers reboot. The server that has Plex boots MUCH faster than the storage one, and even though I have the NFS directories set as RW:Slaves in docker, Plex will still launch and thinks I no longer have files so it clears the DB and I have to rescan. Is the RW:Slave flag supposed to prevent the docker from launching? Is there an elegant way I can achieve this elsewhere if not?
  10. Looks like AWS has a bad route. is the last hop I can hit before it dead ends.
  11. Yea, it resolves, but I appear to be unable to connect to or ping any of the ips. Name: Addresses: Aliases:
  12. I can't pull the image down. Is the address still correct? TOTAL DATA PULLED: 0 B
  13. I'm trying to replace the Limetech LE cert with my own, which is a wildcard. In doing so, unraid redirects my browser to Is there a way to stop the redirect or at least correct it?
  14. Nah... Just make a companion template for elasticsearch also! 😉
  15. Is there an existing elasticsearch or redis container in community apps? I didn't see both of them and just wondering if they need to be created by hand first.