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No Notification of Pool Drive Offline (ZFS RAIDZ2) / Loss of Power to Drive Notification

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Forgive me for the noob question. I have tried to search on notifications for Pool Offline Drives (specifically RAIDZ2 zfs, running 6.12-rc5) with no success. The Pool is 5 drives in "zfs" at "raidz2" in "1 group of 5." The SATA power connectors on one of my drives came loose and the only way I could see it was offline was because there was an "*" for the temp.


When drives in the "Array" go offline, there are a flurry of notifications emails that are sent. For the Pool, I didn't receive anything. Mind you it was probably only offline for an hour when I moved the server on the shelf, but regardless, hoping that someone might have a suggestion or thoughts.


Thanks for any feedback.

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