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Is using Virtual GFX better than using GT 710 1GB?

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The reason I ask, is I finally after tried GPU passthrough on a WIN11 VM using a old GT710 I had laying around. Did a VBIOS dump, removed the headers passed it through, no code 43 error, latest drivers installed.


All good I thought BUT I could swear the VM was better if not the exactly the same! Appreciate its an older card and I use a GTX1650 low profile for Plex but was expecting it to better. Youtube streams on my VM still judder and Core usage on unraid dashboard seems to go up a lot more.


This was just a pre-test to make sure everything works but now I am thinking do I need to even bother. Baring in mind I dont game, use a bit of photoshop now and then and have managed for years with just using Virtual GFX.


CPU is dual xeon X5690 with no igpu 

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