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  1. Any recommendation for a motherboard to go with? This wont work will a server board would it? I have a spare 2u chassis that I want to upgrade internals and migrate from my dual x5690 setup.
  2. Excellent, there's a deal on 14TB drive which means it cheaper than 12tb! So will get the 14TB and add it as second parity
  3. Hi All, Just have a quick question regarding dual parity... I currently have single 12TB parity drive if I wanted to added 2nd parity does it have to be 12tb or can I add a 14tb drive? The largest disk in my array is 12tb. So both parity drives will be equal or larger just not sure if they have to the same size?
  4. I think I have come up with plan to start moving some data and freeing up a disk slot. For now I am moving stuff away from a 4TB to add the 12TB I have. Will then move all data from disk1 which has been running for about 7-8 years without issue to the new 12TB. Then order a another 12TB to replace disk1 and then assign that as parity2! After all that is all done I still need to decide if I should move away from the dual X5690 setup or Ryzen?
  5. So EPYC looks like it's out the picture but seen a few posts on reddit about Ryzen over the x5690 This seems to be a good post Willl look at what current pricing looks like.
  6. I have a spare 2U Supermicro chassis and looking to find a Motherboard + CPU + RAM for a budget of around £600 ish (used or refurbished) looking on ebay and UK market is pretty poor. There are some bundles for supermicro + EPYC from china but dont want to risk the import duty. Current system in use is in my SIG but essentially a DUAL XEON X5690 setup with DDR3 memory. Looking for something I can just put straight into existing chassis and the migrate all disks over to new system. 10gb networking would be nice but not essential and lower power consumption is always a bonus.
  7. Im in the UK [emoji636] Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  8. By the sounds of things I would probably be better getting hold of another 12TB in that case and start planning on moving some data of the 4TBs.
  9. I am in very similar position. I have a spare 12 bay 2u supermicro chassis with a damaged CPU1 socket on a X8DT3 motherboard. Can run perfectly fine with single cpu but want to upgrade it to something like Ryzen or EPYC but at the same time dont want to spend a fortune. Power consumption is big issue so looking for something more efficient than the Xeon X5690s I am currently running.
  10. Correct its 2U supermicro chassis with 12bays. All bays are populated and I have 1TB ssd connected to on board sata for cache drive.
  11. I will run smart against all the disk and pop it into excel for future reference too. None of the drives have any warnings against them and all showing as healthy. I think you are right, I didnt even consider a 2nd parity tbh. Either way will still need to pull a drive from the array.
  12. So I have 12 bays and all full now, mixture of 4TBs and 12TB. I got another 12TB to replace a 4TB but not sure which one to replace. Just replace at random or is there a way to check which is oldest? All the 4TB drives are WD Reds but think 1 is a WD Green so maybe take that out?
  13. Luckily the container has been stopped for a long time. Will look up setting up reverse proxy but stopped getting alerts as soon as I disabled those ports and set unifi to detect and block. Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  14. I am seeing the following message on my unifi router: possible network intrusion attempt from has been detected and blocked. Learn more. Since 25 May it seems. Had a quick look and most if not all point to my unraid server port 8080 and 8443 which I used to port forward for the unifi controller docker and no longer use. So just now I have disabled the port forwarding rules. Should I be looking at anything? Also noticed a few attempts on plex port too. I have set my unifi to detect and block and sensitivity to high just incase.
  15. My cache disk has error next to it, did a smart test and it showing Last SMART test result: Completed without error but in attributes tab I see the following 199UDMA CRC error count0x0032100100000Old ageAlwaysNever13 Is it time for a new cache drive or can this be fixed?