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  1. In a 2 story house as well with a basement, ended up putting one router on the top floor and one in the basement, so we could wifi coverage everywhere in the house. For the the enclosure, if you don't want to go with a rack. At a friend's place, we hung up a spare kitchen cabinet on the wall of the basement office to hide the patch panel in, along with the router, modem and phone, and a small ups. Another useful tool, you can pick up or possibly borrow, a wire puller (electricians fish tape), so you can limit number holes you end up punching in the walls. Another thought, a friend moved into an older home and we ended up running cable thru the old central vac tubing to save time, since he had no plans to use the central vac.
  2. Just need a wallet that can support the cost of the drive.
  3. Cat5e is good enough. Figure out where you plan on to you put your switch and server, then figure out all the points in the house where you want the cable run to. May even want to run a few cat5 to the same room. Get an idea of how you are going to route all the cables thru the walls and the house. Guesstimate the amount of cable you'll need, can buy 1000ft cat5 in a box, read the various reviews on the brands and go with something that looks good. Get a good set of crimpers, a punch down tool, some wall plates, a bag of rg45 connectors. Depending on how many cables you end up with, may want to get a small patch panel as well. For sure check out some youtube vids to get an idea of how to crimp the wires.
  4. Switched over to quantum on all the computers last month, and remembered this thread. Just thought I'd tack a link into this thread. It's a custom Userchrome.css for firefox that has a ton of options in it that you can adjust, in a text editor, very easy to do. So you can change the way firefox looks, acts and works. https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx
  5. I still use an older hp n40l and a n54l microserver. A year ago could find a used n40l for about $100-125. Small size, its quiet, I don't hear it in the room. 4 drives in the bottom bays, and you can stick a parity drive in the top. So 5 drives easy. About once or twice a year, I open it up and clean out any dust. Here is a huge thread on the hp microservers,
  6. this site will help ya generate a userChrome.css file if ya want to change up the url bar https://www.jeffersonscher.com/gm/url-bar-tweaks.html
  7. I didn't realize how much of an improvement quantum was over v56. The loading speed just blows it away. I think the speed is a bit more noticeable on older systems. Been using firefox so long, gotten used to some of the addons. I still need to get a few replacements for some addons I had in v56, before I can swap over to quantum for good. Some of the customization you have to do with css. I'm a creature of habit, been using firefox for over a decade now, took me a few hours to make it look like the old setup I was used to. Don't think I'll ever get used to tabs on top, above the url! By the way you can download a portable version of quantum, that won't mess up your regular profile if you just want to test it out.https://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable
  8. Good deal for sure. Not in the states anymore else I'd be grabbing a few.
  9. Oddly enough, the reason I end up shutting them down every 6 months or so, is so I can blow the dust out of them.
  10. using firefox, grabbed an addon that adds in a night mode option. not perfect but it seems to do the job.
  11. Great price I think, shouldn't take long to get a buyer. If I was still in the states, I'd have grabbed them.
  12. korith

    VPN service

    I've been using torguard.net for a long time now, probably 4-5 years I think. Usually most holidays and seasons, they will have some sort of promotion for decent deals. At the moment I'm locked in at a $29.99 a year deal for life. Let's me connect 5 devices to the vpn at once, good for torrents, netflix or whatever else you want to do. Speeds are good, never had issues with that. Lots of servers, in diff countries which is great. Anyhow whatever vpn you decide to go with, pay for a month first if there isn't a trial period, and test it out, see if it works for you. You'll find some have more locations than others, or speeds will vary depending on which server you are connected to.
  13. Went from living 5min away from microcenter, now I'm 23hours away from the same store, sigh...
  14. when I click on it, it takes me to a link to https://goo.gl/AAqtR
  15. Check out http://pcpartpicker.com/ you can look up parts, there is usually a price history graph at the bottom of each page. for example http://pcpartpicker.com/product/rkV48d/western-digital-internal-hard-drive-wd40efrx