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Yamaha RX-A2000 - $900


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Are there any receivers under $400 that are worth getting or should I just save up for a while?

Speakers and room acoustics are where the big differences in sound come from these days because most quality electronics are practically equivalent as far as sound quality goes.


In other words, there are a lot of good choices <$400. I would concentrate on getting the inputs, outputs (plus spares), and other features you want and not worry too much about sound quality.


A lot of manufacturers have the user manuals online these days and I always start there when I want to compare features.


Here is what I am using now and it does what I need. There are plenty of others.

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^^ I'm using a receiver that I got in 7th grade, and I've been out of college for a while now. I just upgraded to a Giada Cube which is HDMI or optical sound, and my receiver does neither. I have it hooked up with RCA cables connected to the headphones jack on the HTPC. My two speakers are just as old as the receiver, so it's probably time to upgrade those too, but I might just wait till I'm in a house instead of a small apartment like were at now.

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I agree that the receiver isn't as important in the sound quality as the speakers.  I like these Yamaha RX-A series receivers for their ability to be controlled over a LAN.  There's a free smart phone app that lets you control the receiver via your phone.  Pretty nifty.

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