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Do non-consecutive disk numbers matter?

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Does it matter that my array lists just parity and disks 3 and 5 (instead of 1 and 2), and my cache lists cache and cache 3?


This came about after I replaced array 5x4TB drives with 3x14TB drives and upgraded the old cache drives.

If it does matter, now or in future, how should I go about reconciling / re-enumerating (?) them?



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Unraid does not care if you leave gaps.


you could remove them if it bothers you by doing:

  • Tools->New Config with the option to preserve all current assignments 
  • return to the Main tab and move the drives to slots 1 and 2
  • tick the option to say parity is valid
  • start the array to commit the changes

This only works as you have no parity2 drive.   The calculations for parity1 do not use the slot number which is why you can move them without affecting parity.   This is not true for parity2 which DOES use the slot number so the above process would invalidate the contents of parity2 if you had it.

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