Any share 'organisers'?

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My latest system has got itself in a mess when it comes to what media, plex mainly, is where and i need to reorganise everything back on single disks for ease of access and backup consistency. Whats the quickest way to do this on lets say a tv show which has propagated itself across many disks due to, i assume, the wrong split level on the share. I need to tidy up ..... i cant be the first to have to do this across their disks.

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17 hours ago, caplam said:

look at unbalance. It could you gather your data.

Thanks but it wont help.


Unbalance seems to work at the disk level when reorganising data. What i want is something which will take a share as input and consolidate its data correctly across a range of disks. Not sure Unbalance works that way. Could be wrong though.

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