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PSU issue and need help


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Hi everyone 


I'm in need of some help to identify what is my hardware prob here. 


I have a china x99 motherboard with xeon E5 cpu

Running unraid for months without any problem


Just last week, my flat had a power trip, after recovering the power supply to my flat. The unraid server is dead. I couldnt get it to boot. 


After some quick test, I suspect is the PSU that probably caused the power trip. I replaced the PSU with a new Seasonic PSU. While assembling back my server with the new PSU I have frequently test the PSU whether it is able to boot, and it worked. 


After I fully assembled the server, and turned the server on with a electrical monitor (attached). The server booted. But after I turn off the power and restart the server. The server is unable to boot. 


Similar test was done, and I suspect the PSU died again. 


The following components I'm suspecting could be the cause


- electricity monitor

- motherboard


May i know what is likely the cause? I lack the basic knowledge on hardware and electrical compoenents


What can cause a new PSU to breakdown this way? 


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Sorry after dismantled the server right after I confirm that the new PSU is dead. 


Understand that it is vague without a video example. 


But can I find out if 


A electricity monitor can blow a PSU? 

A faulty motherboard can blow a PSU? 

A faulty graphic card can blow a PSU? 

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17 hours ago, sunbin said:

A electricity monitor can blow a PSU?

Very unlikely. The monitor only take reading and provide switch on off function.


17 hours ago, sunbin said:

A faulty motherboard can blow a PSU? 

A faulty graphic card can blow a PSU? 

All usually relate overload, but PSU have different kind protection, so also unlikely overload kill the PSU.


Any external fan controller use ? Any fan speed reduce adaptor use ?

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