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Using SMB shares to feed my Jellyfin Server

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I'm working on reconfiguring my network and simplifying my internal systems. I've moved away from multiple multi terabyte servers doing different things and now I'm switching to a more centralized network mentality with hopefully less downtime and easier data management. 


To put that plainly, my main service provider server running unRaid is NVMe based and is optimized for speed over storage space. I still want to run Jellyfin on my unRaid server since it's cpu is much faster at encoding. 


I've mounted the SMB share that has all my movies and TV shows in unRaid and I've pointed the Docker container at that directory as it's source; it shows up properly and I know the user account I'm using to access the share on the other NAS has read/write permissions. 


When I go to actually scan the libraries, it is empty. Is this a limitation of Jellyfin or unRaid or somthing else?



Edit: I figured it out, my Docker container was corrupted when I migrated to the new platform.

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