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Can I recover? Next move?

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I was following Space Invader's video on Shrinking an Unraid Array.  I have removed a disk before using his video (2 weeks ago) and had no problems.

Today I was following the same instructions, got to the point where I shutdown the array and removed the disk, then rebooted the array.

Everything looked as I was expecting from the video and my earlier disk removal.

The next thing he has you go to the Tools menu, pick New Config, under 'Preserve current assignments' you pick 'Pool Slots'.

When I went back to the Main tab, my 2 Cache Disks looked right, but my 2 Parity Disks and my 4 Data Disks were all showing "Unassigned" --->  I know that's bad.

I went to each of them and did the drop down and chose the disk from the choices given for that Disk location.  I had documented everything about what disk was assigned to each Dev in unRaid.

There is a RED notice next to each of the 2 Parity disks that says "All existing data on this device will be OVERWRITTEN when array is Started".

I'm afraid to go any further.  I don't know if when I start the array it will rebuild the 2 Parity disks as they should be OR if my Data is about to go away...


I seriously need some experienced help on what my next move should be.

Thank you.

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I wasn't intending to go that route, but by accident - I did.  

I went ahead and Started the array last night, it's still doing the parity rebuild.  Everything seems to be going as I would expect.  I expect I have a few more hours to go.

Fingers crossed, but I do feel good about what's taking place.

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