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Can't add new disk to xfs-encrypted array

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I can't add a disk with xfs-encrypted format to my array. I've pre-cleared the disk, added it to the stopped array and set the format for that disk to xfs-encrypted (as for all the other disks in the array). When I start the array, a rebuild is triggered and I also get the "format" button. When I press that, it shortly says "formatting" but right after that it says "Unmountable: volume not encrypted". It also stays that way when the rebuild was done after 7h. I then tried again to format the disk, but the same happend, shorty showing "formatting", follow by "unmountable". I've also set the default disk format to xfs-encrypted as I've read something along these line in the German section of the forum, but to no avail. Does anyone have an idea how I can add an xfs-encrypted disk to my array?


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May 29 22:22:02 Tom  emhttpd: shcmd (45081): mkdir -p /mnt/disk6
May 29 22:22:02 Tom  emhttpd: /mnt/disk6 mount error: Volume not encrypted
May 29 22:22:02 Tom  emhttpd: shcmd (45082): umount /mnt/disk6


Do you have a script or are you manually deleting the encryption key after array start?

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I have the array set to auto-start and have a script that fetches the array passphrase from another machine. My guess is that this somehow trips up what I wanted to do. I've now got working what I wanted but not the way I wanted it (and I guess it isn't supposed to be that way). What I did now:

  1. stopped the array
  2. removed the disk that is unmouintable and can't be formatted
  3. rebooted the machine
  4. as a disk is missing in the array, it wouldn't auto-start and I get the option to enter the passphrase for the array
  5. added another disk to the array
  6. started the array which cause a rebuild due to the new disk
  7. now when I press "format" for the new disk, it does indeed format it and it is also encrypted.
  8. the capacity of the new disk is already emulated so I'm confident in 7 hours time when the rebuild is done I have an array of encrypted disks.

I'm not really sure why I was bitten so badly, I assume it is related to the auto-start of the array, but that's just a gut feeling. The next time I'll add a new disk, I'll disable auto-start and see if typing in the passphrase of the array again saves me from going through this again.

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