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Failed to write file in Move progress.

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I have a situation like this:
There is a Windows machine in the network, connected to Unraid via SMB. This Windows device is slowly writing a file (the writing process lasts about 1 day and the file size is about 2GB). In the process of writing this file, Unraid starts Mover. During the Move process, the Windows device on the network prompts that the write failed (probably timed out). Unraid's Log found a record about the file that failed to write: move: skip: ***.
Another thing that puzzles me is
The move skip time displayed in Unraid's Log is Jun 1 17:30:47, while the Windows device's Log shows that the time of file writing failure is [10:01:42] of the next day.
From a long-term observation, if the Windows device does not overlap with the time of Unraid Move from the creation of the file to the completion of writing, then there has never been a write failure.

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On 6/9/2023 at 4:51 PM, itimpi said:

This sounds like it may be a problem at the Windows end with whatever is writing the file.    Mover checks to see if a file is open before attempting to move it and should only do so if it is not.



I copied 10 files from another SMB shared directory to Unraid's shared directory and used them for a long time, such as using them as raw materials for video editing.

Before the Mover process trigger, I could access and read these files without any issues. However, after the Mover process finished, I started experiencing errors while trying to read these files, which caused errors in the software I was using. But when I checked the MD5 checksum of these files, the 10 files in Unraid's shared directory were identical to the same 10 files in the other SMB shared directory.

To fix the issue, I copied the 10 files again from the other SMB shared directory to Unraid's shared directory, and after that, the file reading worked fine again, and I could use my software without any problems.


The issues mentioned above don't occur every time or with every file. They happen with a relatively low probability. I found that if I copy these 10 files from another SMB shared directory to Unraid's shared directory and immediately perform the Move operation, the problem doesn't occur when I use my software to read these files from Unraid's shared directory for an extended period of time.

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