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Minimum CPU for *arr apps and Plex 4k HDR to SDR transcoding

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Hi guys,


I've read a lot of threads and I can't decide which CPU to pick so I can start with my configuration around the CPU I pick...

I'm trying to find the sweet spot between power consumption and enough performance to handle all the *arr apps and a Plex server. At home, I can direct play everything but remotely, due to bandwidth limits, I would eventually need to transcode 4k HDR content to SDR with tone mapping, maximum of 3 transcodes at the same time.


Would it be worth to get an Intel T version, for example a 13500T instead of a 13500? Any of these probably would be overkill for this?

I could get a cheap 10500T but again, I don't know if this CPU would be powerful enough, especially if it has to transcode 3 4k files simultaneously...


Any advice would be appreciated... 



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Any reason not to just store a mobile optimized version?

Encode and Decode Capabilities for 7th Generation Intel® Core™...

(2) Plex Hardware Transcoding, Explained : PleX (reddit.com)

(2) Disappointed in 13900k iGPU transcoding compared to dedicated GPU : PleX (reddit.com)

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2 hours ago, Sonny1980 said:

it's taking around 4 hours to complete

4K transcoding takes a lot of horsepower.  If you don't have a lot of horsepower, it takes a lot of time.  That's why optimized libraries are good so you don't have to transcode in real-time; however there can be a big upfront investment in time.

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