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  1. If it is still under warranty, I'd start that process. I don't have any helpful advice on your current issue. If you don't get anything directly helpful to your question about if the drive is good or not - I'd run a 3x preclear on it and see what the logs say. In my limited experience the only drives I've had that failed preclear (4 of them), failed after the first cycle, usually during the 2nd cycle (and once in the 3rd cycle). Every drive I have that passed 3 preclear cycles was retired by choice rather than necessity.
  2. I've repurposed a couple with drives I pulled out of my server. They all work. Can you just attach the USB/Sata adapter directly to the drive (not in the case), plug in the power and see if it works?
  3. They should work for what you need. There are some good videos for basic setups on youtube that specifically address double nat'ting, and the ACLR gives you way more flexibility on placement than a single unit wifi-router will. I have my ACLite installed on the ceiling in nearly the physical center of our townhouse. Also, check out the basic setup videos for the ER-X. This guy documented his full home setup with the ER-X and ACLR. I also use a Docker for Unifi Controller software on my server to manage my devices. Just search for "Unifi" under apps.
  4. I don’t know of any wifi routers with Pfense. A general search on google turns up a couple of options on AliExpress, but the Pfsense route is akin to installing customer firmware on your existing router. That's why I said "pfsense on a NUC/SFF/spare computer". Another alternative would be picking up a Ubiquiti Edge Router X. It is a firewall and highly capable router - but you have to do Wifi separately. It will give you a more capable router. None of these options that I suggest are "buy a box from the store and plug it in" friendly. They require a bit of planning and a willingness to learn something new. I know the basics of the setup and I know where to go to ask questions if I need to do something new. The good news is that my modem, my router and my wifi are all separate - so if something goes out or becomes obsolete, I only need to replace that one thing.
  5. If your router doesn't support it, here's an alternative idea - use pfsense on a NUC/SFF/Spare computer as your router. Assuming you're outside the return period on your router, you could use it as a wireless access point. My setup is modem > pfsense computer > Ubiquiti ACLite for wireless.
  6. Just thought I'd chime in that the wiki process for shrinking the array while maintaining parity worked without issue for me.
  7. No, not all. Just most. https://www.google.com/search?ei=3np_X6PNE42ItQXNmaugAg&q=what+kind+of+batteries+do+home+ups+use&oq=what+kind+of+batteries+do+home+ups&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAxgAMgUIIRCgATIFCCEQoAEyBQghEKABMgUIIRCgATIFCCEQoAE6BAgAEEc6BQgAEJECOggIABCxAxCDAToLCC4QsQMQxwEQowI6DgguELEDEIMBEMcBEKMCOgUIABCxAzoICC4QxwEQowI6AggAOggIABDJAxCRAjoICC4QyQMQkwI6BQgAEMkDOgYIABAWEB46CQgAEMkDEBYQHjoFCCEQqwI6BwghEAoQoAE6CAghEBYQHRAeUOP-BliOxwdg5tIHaAhwAngAgAGOAYgBpBmSAQQzMy43mAEAoAEBqgEHZ3dzLXdpesgBCMABAQ&sclient=psy-ab
  8. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=0Hp_X-j5C4auswWO74XoDQ&q=how+long+do+home+ups+batteries+last&oq=how+long+do+home+ups+batter&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAxgAMggIIRAWEB0QHjIECCEQCjoOCC4QsQMQxwEQowIQkwI6CAguEMcBEKMCOggILhCxAxCDAToICAAQsQMQgwE6CwguELEDEMcBEKMCOgIIADoCCC46BQgAELEDOgsILhCxAxCDARCTAjoFCAAQyQM6CwgAELEDEIMBEMkDOggIABCxAxDJAzoKCAAQyQMQRhD7AVDzHVifXmCPaGgEcAB4AIABpwGIAa4TkgEEMjcuNJgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXo&sclient=psy-ab
  9. Doesn't really make a difference. @jonathanm said it very well: Just plan on needing to replace the battery in 3 years. That way, when it doesn't happen, you get a happy surprise.
  10. Picked up a pair of new WD DC HC530 14TB drives. Once finished with pre-clear, they will move into the parity slots. Preclearing per my usual process (3x cycles using the preclear plugin). I wasn't quite prepared for 1 cycle to take 58 hours (peak speeds at 261 MB/s, slowest at 146 MB/s - much faster than any of my current drives) I'm actively trying to reduce the number of drives in my array and this should be a huge step in that direction.
  11. This is the clear explanation of what I was trying to convey.
  12. I have 5 pci-e slots, 3 are full length/width/16x (whatever the appropriate term is). I have 2 Sata controller cards that require full length. I have a cheap gpu that is on a 1x to 16x slot adapter. I want to add a GPU for dedicated transcoding work (that will be the last full length slot). Come to find out that the 16x slot isn't as important as the bandwidth the slot supports (which is why I was able to move my cheap gpu to a 1x-16x adapter - it doesn't need the bandwidth). I was trying to add a 4 port ethernet adapter, but I need to determine how much bandwidth is appropriate for that, because all the add-in nic cards I've seen are full width. If I had it to do over, I would have looked for 4 full-width slots that, even with all 4 occupied, the slowest should still be running at 8x speed.
  13. If you don't mind treating your audiobooks as if they are just music, then there are several options to stream music from your server. In Unraid, you can search under Apps - Media servers and there are plenty of media servers to examine. If you start from those, you should be able to determine how hard (or easy) it is to deal with your particular needs.
  14. Generally speaking (there are exceptions of course) For more space: larger hard drives Video streams: GPU > iGPU > CPU VM's: CPU + RAM Depending on what I want to do, those are the general guidelines I follow. Since my CPU & RAM are in decent shape, I started focusing on 12TB or larger drives. In my 16 drive system, all but 4 are now 8TB, and I just upgraded my 2 parity drives to 12TB. I'm actively trying to get my drive count down as well (I just retired 2 drives which brought me down to 16 drives). I need more transcoding, so a quality GPU is my next acquisition.