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  1. I use exactly that same structure - media/TV, media/Movies, media/Music. I'm up to 3k movies and 400ish tv shows (30k episodes, I think), and well over 200k songs. I'm not in the habit of browsing those shares through windows, but I don't consider the time it takes to become available too long (pretty sure it's measured in 10's of seconds).
  2. NVidia Shield, Roku+, Apple TV. Using Plex, I rarely encounter any issues playing back UHD source anymore because my device is what does the decoding - not my server. My server is able to just stream the file directly in most cases. The only thing that seems to give me a headache are the HD sound tracks (because the server has to transcode those) and subtitles (again, forces transcoding).
  3. Many years ago, the company that I worked for routinely had to ship pc's and servers. They used the equivalent of pelican cases for everything. Foam cut-outs to snuggly hold harddrives. Expanding foam was used to secure the machine, itself. If I was doing it today, I'd probably dismantle and securely pack the major components. Pelican cases if there were an economical way to acquire/rent/lease them. Otherwise, I'd probably use heavy duty boxes. I'm not in the business anymore, so that's just how I would approach it until I learned I had better options.
  4. I've not encountered on-board sata that wasn't supported, but that doesn't mean every on-board sata is supported. If you are using a mainstream MB manufacturer, I doubt there will be any issues with on-board sata.
  5. I quit worrying about transcodes. My normal devices play 4kHDR+ natively and I keep either a 720 or 1080 version, with only an AAC stereo track for anything else that cannot natively handle 4k (ipad, phone, etc). I'd rather eat more space for now (that is easily recoverable if push comes to shove, not mention cheaper to upgrade), then worry about hardware specs. My next upgrade will be to a Ryzen 5000 series CPU (currently on a Ryzen 2000 series). At that time I will upgrade to use RAM for transcoding as well as add a current gen GPU. If one of my family members complains before that upgr
  6. You are expecting to do more than 6 4K-HDR to SDR transcodes at the same time?
  7. I've been a lastpass user since 2012, was a premium subscriber until they got rid of the Xmarks add-in. Their free version has been the best free password manager available for far too long. I've been expecting them to downgrade it for a while. The premium discount they are offering (that I got in an email this week) is pretty good if I am remembering correctly (very cost competitive). We use Lastpass on 4 computers, 3 tablets, 5 phones. All that said I am moving to Bitwarden. Bitwarden is open source and you can host your own instance if you are so inclined. I'll probably subscribe
  8. Since you would be flashing it anyway, as long as you see it come up when you boot it should be fine. I agree with @jonathanm, they just want you to buy a new one.
  9. I had both N300 and X300 drives in various sizes. No issues.
  10. 1000M vs 1000G? I'm really curious about it reporting 100Gbps. Never seen that before.
  11. 2 CPU's only matter if what you are doing can take advantage of 2 CPU's. If you are running VM's and containers - 2 CPU's will come in handy. If you are just storing data, you will just spend more $ to store that data. This will not really run much faster than your current CPU. It will just take more work to slow it down. If what you need is drive slots, then it's probably worthwhile.
  12. $500 is a chunk of change for a minor upgrade (at least in the CPU)... https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-Xeon-E5-2643-vs-Intel-i5-3570K/1217vs828
  13. Can you boot into windows with the card in place? I've seen that behavior before when the motherboard didn't allow anything in slot 1 except a GPU.
  14. Yeah, I switched to the folder structure back when I first tried XMBC. Haven't thought about changing it since then because every media manager I've looked at assumes folders will be the default. I'd rather make using the majority of tools available easy for me, than trying to find a tool that does it my way.
  15. The only one I can think of is the old MyMovieManager (or something like that). I use Radarr/Sonarr/Plex. So I name everything by exactly what it is and depend on Plex to do my collections.