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  1. whipdancer

    Which drives to buy?

    i use a couple of laptop drives in my system and have had no issues since i put them in (about 8 - 10 months now).
  2. whipdancer

    [SOLVED]Motherboard Replaced... now what

    Ok, just look at your diagnostics file. I see that you had 3 data drives. I think moving the drive that is in #4 to #3 should work.
  3. whipdancer

    [SOLVED]Motherboard Replaced... now what

    Based on the screen-shot you attached, Unraid is expecting a drive in the #3 slot. I haven't reduced/expanded the number of data drives in several years so this may have changed... If you previously had all 4 drives as data, then (I think I remember this correctly) you need to remove from your last data slot (#4 in your case). I don't think you can fill the data slots out of order. Regardless, I don't think you can have #3 empty and #4 filled.
  4. whipdancer

    Moving to a new Case

    I've literally swapped cables between drives on several occasions and added a controller card and then moved onto that card. As long as the drives show in the system (meaning the card works as intended), then it doesn't matter exactly which cable the drive is connected to.
  5. whipdancer

    [SOLVED]Motherboard Replaced... now what

    In your sig you only list 4 storage drives. The disk you have assigned to parity is the same disk that is missing from disk 3. You need to select that drive in the position for drive 3, not parity.
  6. I would suggest trying your video card in the 8x slot to see if it works. If it does, then try the controller card in the 16x slot. It can't hurt to try. You can try to use the Windows Vista drivers for your controller card and see if that works. Beyond that, I'm not sure. It's one of the issues with new parts on a system that old.
  7. I can't find anything that designates the 16x slot as video card only. According to the specification page for your motherboard the 4x slots are not designated as PCI-E 2.0 compliant. The 16x slot and 8x slot are supposed to be 2.0 compliant. The controller card is a 2.0 card. I also have to ask if there is anything you can return, because $800 is a lot of money to have spent on a system based on the LGA775 architecture. A used system that you could have scavenged for replacement parts would have cost less.
  8. whipdancer

    Forward local ip/device to local ip AND port

    DNS does not support ports. Hostname file does not support ports. To my understanding, the only way to do that would be to use some kind of proxy server on your network. Like the Ngnix/LetsEncrypt docker image does for reverse proxying from outside your local network, you could use Ngnix (or something) to do the same thing inside your network. If this is for use in a browser, I would probably just use a bookmark that includes the port.
  9. whipdancer

    Parity disk disabled, during Unbalance, disk 5 error

    @johnnie.black & @jonathanm Thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it. Sorry, yes it is parity (not parity2), typo. I'm waiting on 2 Dell H310 controllers to come in (should be here by the end of the week). I've shutdown all my dockers for now, canceled the parity check, and am allowing the preclear to finish on my newest drive (which I guess I will use to replace 5). The plan being to make no changes to the system until I get the new controller cards; Then replace the cards and the drive; Then resync (assuming smart for parity looks ok).
  10. whipdancer

    Parity disk disabled, during Unbalance, disk 5 error

    I'm going to bump this just to see if anyone else has any thoughts.
  11. Oh, bummer. I didn't actually open the box when I was looking at it. The box was huge. I just assumed it had a cooler in it.
  12. Can't speak for the included cooler on a Threadripper, but the one that came on my Ryzen produces very little sound. I figure as long as I'm not overclocking, it should be more than adequate. I forgot to add, the Noctua CPU coolers seem to be highly regarded and quiet. I've not used one.
  13. whipdancer

    Backupdestination for Friends and Family

    The only backup solutions that I'm aware of that allow you to monitor centrally are enterprise products that require a client to be installed on the machine, along with the standard enterprise price tags and infrastructure requirements. None that I've personally experienced are simple/straight-forward.
  14. whipdancer

    Preclear equivalent

    Is there an equivalent way to preclear a disk outside of the system? I'm primarily interested in the stress test as that has uncovered potentially sub-quality disks several times for me. I have a test rig with available ports that would be really easy to use. My server doesn't have any extra mounting locations (but does have 2 more sata ports). I've read about using bad-blocks and the linux dd command, but I don't know enough to know if that's the right path. Any ideas?