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  1. whipdancer

    Processor Recommendations?

    The FX-9370 runs circles around everything else you list. It should do everything you require, but it won't be a fast machine. It really depends on how much effort you want to put into it. I'm currently planning my next upgrade (current build is about 7-8 years old) and will be targeting a Threadripper or possibly an i9.
  2. whipdancer

    To 4K or not?

    I've been running my i5-2400 for almost 8 years without a hiccup or any lost data. I have about 40tb of space used out of about 46tb total. I'll be upgrading to handle 4k as well.
  3. whipdancer

    Plex 4k transcoding: New CPU or GPU offloading

    Thanks for this. BTW, I'm planning my upgrade. You can see my current MB/CPU combo in my sig, but suffice to say I built this 7-ish years ago. I'm starting to see the age, because as my media library has expanded, Plex has slowed considerably (~3k movies & ~12k tv episodes - in a variety of encoding, ~90k songs in mp3/flac, ~5k pics/videos).
  4. whipdancer

    Plex 4k transcoding: New CPU or GPU offloading

    @tbonedude420 Question for you then. If you were going to build primarily for 4k/UHD transcoding, would you build around CPU or GPU? (assuming plex in a docker)
  5. whipdancer

    Newsgroup provider recommendations?

    Seamless? No. I use 4 different providers (Astraweb is one) because none have ever been seamless for me. Astraweb Newsdemon Usenetserver Supernews
  6. whipdancer

    Tower Cases with most bays?

    Last time I searched was a few months ago and I found a couple for sale online, but nothing at all when I checked today.
  7. whipdancer

    Tower Cases with most bays?

    I'm running 16 x 3.5" drives and I think I have one free 3.5" slot left. I'm using a single 2.5" drive and know I have one more 2.5" slot left.
  8. whipdancer

    Tower Cases with most bays?

    I use the Antec 1900.
  9. whipdancer

    CPU Upgrade recommendation - Plex UHD Movies

    With optimized versions, he won't be hitting 100% on the CPU anymore. But you saying that about overheating - I didn't even register that until you brought it up. You are correct, it sounds like thermal protection alarms. Cooling needs to be improved.
  10. whipdancer

    CPU Upgrade recommendation - Plex UHD Movies

    Any reason you cant do optimized versions? Thats what im doing until every component in my system can handle full UHD. Hopefully, by then, cpu cost will have come down to something reasonable.
  11. whipdancer

    New Build Sanity Check

    4 transcoded plex streams is a lot. Have you looked up what it takes to support that? Also are you transcoding to mobile or from 4k to 1080 or something else? With my current setup I can't transcode one full 4k movie down to 1080 without a lot of buffering.
  12. whipdancer

    Plugin Request: Developers Example

    I'm in the same boat as @primeval_god. I've looked at a couple different plugins to reverse engineer, but I'm not clear on the basic architecture from which it all starts. It means I end up guessing at what is going on, and getting frustrated in the process. For something I'm doing in my spare time, it's not encouraging. I still tinker at it from time to time, but the lack of documentation of almost any kind is a huge stumbling point right out of the gate. The moving target problem is an excuse in my opinion. Web application development is radically different today than 2 years ago, yet basic documentation abounds.
  13. whipdancer

    Hosting my own website

    There are a whole host of other things you need to do. I assume the static IP is assigned to your router/modem? You need some way of telling your router to forward requests to the specific address where ombi available. You might check out SpaceInvader One's video channel on YouTube. He covers a lot of unRaid topics. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA
  14. whipdancer

    Plex 4k transcoding: New CPU or GPU offloading

    I'm using Plex and streaming to my Roku devices. I'm having Plex create optimized versions until I upgrade my server hardware. So it doesn't matter if it's a full blu-ray ISO, a 4k/UHD or other similar high bitrate file, I have the original and a copy that will play without issue given my current limitations (CPU isn't powerful enough for H265, or really high bitrate H264). By the time my library has a significant 4k/uhd/h265 content, I should have already planned and at least started my rebuild that will be fully capable.
  15. whipdancer

    Building a 4K 10-bit ready NAS

    I don't use RPi for streaming. I use a Roku box (and have used several other Rokus, ATV - new and old, XBOne and more). But that completely misses the point. My point was that I gladly pay for Plex because it adds value to my Movie & TV watching experience. It's so ridiculously simply to use that my technology avoiding aunt can even work it and it is nearly completely hands off for me. Win, win. Yes, I will happily support the hard work that created that product. /rant-off