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  1. whipdancer

    Hardware page? Will mine work? Is UNRAID for me?

    Yes, you can buy 1 now, add one later. The process is quite simple. It is exactly what I did (started with 1 parity drive, added a second a year or so ago).
  2. whipdancer

    Preclear before shucking?

    I preclear before shucking. I preclear again after shucking.
  3. Here's some good info on how docker works... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50413405/how-volume-device-mapping-works-on-docker A different way of explaining it by DigitalOcean https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-share-data-between-docker-containers Here is an interesting article but you have to sign in (free acct) to read the whole thing. https://www.computerweekly.com/feature/Docker-storage-101-How-storage-works-in-Docker
  4. whipdancer

    Almost silent built

    I use the Antec 1900, and it is full (17 drives). I resolved to upgrade drive size when the time comes that I need more space. I'm currently phasing out all my 2/3/4 TB drives for 8TB. I'm at 71TB and have 2 more drives to swap out, which will put me at 76TB total and slightly over 50% utilization (prior to this round of upgrades, I was at 89%). My tower is relatively quiet, as it is in my living area, but not as quiet as my SFF desktop. If I changed cases, I think I would consider Nanoxia full tower version as it looks easier to get into and out of than my current case and would give me 2 additional slots and has the added benefit of being designed to be as quiet as possible. I won't consider a rack-mount for 2 reasons: 1. I've never encountered a quiet rack-mount case that wasn't both HTPC specific and very limited on drive space. 2. I don't really want to add a rack to my living area.
  5. whipdancer

    Parity Calculations

    Unraid supports up to 2 parity drives (that allows you to lose up to 2 drives before things get really ugly). Whether you use 0, 1 or 2 parity drives is really based on your tolerance for losing data. I use 2 parity drives because the outlay to have 2 is worth the security of being more likely to recover from a lost drive - to me.
  6. whipdancer

    New to unraid, could use some suggestions.

    Form factor of the motherboard (MATX) is not always indicative of the number of drives it will support. I would select the MB to allow for expansion - either PCIE slots or on-board controllers (PCIE slots are more versatile).
  7. whipdancer

    Recommended Maintenance/Cleaning

    It used to be that every couple of years I would look at the dust and make a mental note that it's really dusty in there and I should do something about it. Lately, though, I haven't had the covers on long enough to gather dust. Looking forward to when I go back to making mental notes to do something about that.
  8. whipdancer

    PCIe x1 to x16 adaptor for primary graphics

    I'm using a 1x adapter for my video card. No issues. This one... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B008BZBGPO/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. whipdancer

    Help with plex

    Are you running any other dockers that can successfully communicate out?
  10. whipdancer

    unraid keeps crashing

    what do you have running on it? Log files?
  11. whipdancer

    Pricing tiers are outdated.

    I don't have a problem with the pricing. Given what I get out of the software, I'd buy my license again. It's worth it.
  12. whipdancer

    looking to build a NAS plus a firewall

    It's not better or worse, it's just a different way to solve the problem. I don't want to run an esxi server (or really anything like that) at home - so I use Unraid.
  13. whipdancer

    [Request] Streama

    I personally believe in paying a developer for great software. I used Plex for 2 years before I bought a Lifetime Subscription (going on 5 years of use now I think). I have no regrets over those $. I just don't like certain recent changes. I'll see if Emby serves my purposes any better.
  14. whipdancer

    [Request] Streama

    Is Emby both a client and server? Basically, what software do you use to watch videos if you run Emby on Unraid? *** EDIT *** nm, I found my answer. I think I'll set up Emby and compare it to Plex. Is Emby Premier necessary?
  15. *** IANANA/E (i am not a network architect/engineer) *** Have you planned out your network? Literally drawn up a map for it? I'm not good enough at network architecture to do anything beyond basic configuration without drawing up a diagram/map/<something> to make sure I'm not missing something. How do you plan on connecting VLAN 80 to pfSense?