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Unraid wan access down

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Hi All,


I've recently started having issues with the unraid wan being down. I use pfsense. pfsense is the DNS provider and open dns as a backup. 

Never had an issue before. I installed Authelia recently. The issues are with docker's updating and accessing community applications. Here is the latest diagnostics.


Any ideas on what is wrong?


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Looking at the syslog server results, I see these lines before it went down again.


Jun  4 14:18:54 server kernel: eth0: renamed from veth8a18a6f
Jun  4 14:19:41 server kernel: veth6e45a3d: renamed from eth0
Jun  4 14:20:24 server kernel: vethfa89d03: renamed from eth0
Jun  4 14:20:25 server kernel: eth0: renamed from vethf117695
Jun  4 14:22:33 server kernel: veth107ce0c: renamed from eth0
Jun  4 14:22:34 server kernel: eth0: renamed from vetha05b5fd


I changed ethernet cables and saw no change. I'm going to update the bios and try again.

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I think have fixed the issue. I’ve assigned a static IP to unraid since I’ve had the system, over 5 years. There were no issues until the past week. I don’t know what changed. I went from static to dynamic IP assigned by pfsense. All networking issues have been fixed since last night. 

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