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  1. Awesome. I was going to buy a new motherboard but found an 8 port card with the LSI chip. Thanks.
  2. It's not a power issue. It probably is a controller issue. The last time I had this prior to unraid 6.9 it happened across all disks. Here is a post where a member described the issue being common for Ryzen boards, I need IOMMU, so what is my other option, a separate controller card?
  3. So here I am again back in the same situation. This seems to happen every 6-8 weeks. Yesterday I had errors show up on the same parity disk and data disk. The parity has already been reconstructed, and the data disk is in progress. Here is the diagnostics report after the errors showed up. Is there anything here that is suspicious?
  4. That's a good idea to shut them down first. It takes less than a minute doing it manually. I extended the VM timeout, but figured that may be the case. Thanks.
  5. Ok. Here are the diagnostics from when I shutdown according to the time they show.
  6. They are attached. Did I attach the wrong file?
  7. I'm on version 6.9.2, and I seem to be getting unclean shutdowns all of the time. Parity starts upon reboot. Her are the diagnostics. Can anyone provide some input?
  8. Thanks Constructor. No I've rebuilt disks before. Thanks for helping out. If it happens again, I'll make sure to download diagnostics before restarting.
  9. Yes, I rebooted from the webUI. Should I reboot a different way?
  10. That error happened after the reboot. Here are the diagnostics. Fix common problems extended scan seems to freeze.
  11. Hi All, My parity and disk 1 are disabled for some reason. Parity check ran on 6/1 with zero errors. Fix common problems says check the main tab. The SMART shows no errors. The unraid log shows no errors. I've tried rebooting it, and it temporarily fixed the issue before going back to being disabled. I'd love some help on what I should do to test it. I'm running a Ryzen 2700 with ECC memory. I know Ryzens can have some issues as I have every once in a while where all disks report errors. But a reboot solves that. I'm running a fix common problems extended test. What else should I do?
  12. Would it be beneficial to use another database say mariadb as I already have it for nextcloud? Or should I just stick with the mysql that is part of zoneminder?
  13. Thanks. I have a backup of appdata where the database resides in the zoneminder install. I'll try to restore that and see what happens.