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complete and utter failure

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Version 6.11.5


Yet again, no changes on my side.


Server is running parity check right now.


In the middle of some file moves form Win10 onto the server I get "Error 0x8000FFFF:Catastrophic failure"

I am connecting with IP to the NFS, as CIFS/windows shares have not worked for over a year. 

The server will be rebooted as a check. But I'm not expecting it to work.

As expected, the microsoft forums are useless.

Any clues/ideas/directions?

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Post reboot it looks like my cache (SSD) failed. "unmountable dsk present." First thing I'll do is change any and all shares to not use cache. Is there anything else? I have apparantly lost docker and all the apps there, including plex.


and yet more oddness. my /dev/sdx have 2 different ownerships, some are


and others are



ETA2: Yup totally hosed:

btrfs check --repair /dev/sdj1
enabling repair mode

        Do not use --repair unless you are advised to do so by a developer
        or an experienced user, and then only after having accepted that no
        fsck can successfully repair all types of filesystem corruption. Eg.
        some software or hardware bugs can fatally damage a volume.
        The operation will start in 10 seconds.
        Use Ctrl-C to stop it.
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Starting repair.
Opening filesystem to check...
Checking filesystem on /dev/sdj1
UUID: 0c527032-0726-4a31-a2f2-e5ff18ec2bc8
repair mode will force to clear out log tree, are you sure? [y/N]: y
ERROR: failed to write super block for devid 1: flush error: Input/output error
ERROR: failed to zero log tree: -5
WARNING: fsync on device 1 failed: Input/output error


I expect I need to get a new cache drive then rebuild somehow.



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