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Disk Utilization

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I have a 6 disk system, a combination of 4 and 8 TB drives. While some of my drives are up to 75% full, I have one 4TB drive that has no data on it whatsoever. I am curious if you can set disk utilization say up to 50% before another empty drive is used? I would like to balance the usage of all the drives and not have 1 empty and others at 75%. Thank you for your input. 

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I could not spot anything obvious in the diagnostics that would explain why disk5 is hardly used (it DOES seem to have a few files).   Have you by any chance relatively recently added disk5 and disk6?    If so that might explain it as with the default Highwater utilisation method set disk5 would not start being used until the free space on all drives (including disk6) fell below 4GB.


I also note that you seem to have the Nerdpack plugin installed which is incompatible with the version of Unraid you are running.  Not sure what problems (if any) that may be causing.

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