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Flash Drive Corrupted or Offline: But I just downloaded the Backup and have a pre-upgrade backup. Just a temp glitch?

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Put drive in Windows 10 machine. 


Chkdsk and the 'Tools' option under 'Properties' vai right click reported no isses.


disk.cfg was readable just fine.


Did a drag and drop backup of files.


Couple of .notify files were unreadable but no big deal there (the bitrot plugin checker that always reports storj node files as 'corrupt' despite my efforts to exclude them...forget the name)


ugh now have an error on server...interrupt at 0000:5819 on Dell R720xd


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Found corruption in disk.cfg such as "diskSpindownD%lay.8="-1" (see the % vs an 'e'.)


Had to delete more .notify files that wouldn't drag and drop but got the array started finally.


USB drive was dying which was causing the NMI error on my Dell R720xd.


New USB drive, key transferred after update Community Apps and adding Unraid Connect.


Boots now. Whew. Glad it wasn't hardware....also found a apparently unoptimized BIOS setting, something I/O related for storage that I turned on.


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