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Macinabox userscript issues

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So I've been following along with Spaceinvader One's "How to Install Big Sur and Other macOS Versions with New Macinabox" video. He's telling me to run the user script that installs the VM. When I do this, I get this message in a pop-up: 



Script location: /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/1_macinabox_helper/script
Note that closing this window will abort the execution of this script
Starting to Fix XML
error: failed to get domain 'macinabox'
No network adapters in xml to change. Network adapter is already virtio

Added custom qemu:args for macOS
topolgy line left as is
custom ovmf added
error: Failed to define domain from /tmp/macinaboxfixed.xml
error: (domain_definition):3: Extra content at the end of the document


This is what has been done to the xml

Your network type was already correct. Network has not been changed.
The custom qemu:args have been added to you xml.
VM is set to use custom ovmf files.
xml is now fixed. Now goto your vm tab and run the VM
Rerun this script if you make any other changes to the macOS VM using the Unraid VM manger



What have I done wrong? There's no VM in the tab. Also is there a better place to put this post?


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