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Ignore a top level folder been used as a share

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I have a array of 4 disks as my main storage. 2 ssd pool brtfs RAID1 as cache. And a 4 disk brtfs RAID0 pool as a backup of my main array. I would like to periodically back up my file from my main array to that 4 disk brtfs pool through rsync. Then remove those disks put somewhere safe. The command I am using is:

rsync -av /mnt/user/ /mnt/coldbackup/array_backup/


However, unraid will automatically mark "array_backup" as a share then add it under /mnt/user folder. Such behavior will create a recursive loop until the /mnt/coldbackup is full.   


Two possible solution I can think of:


1. Using tar to compress array to one file. Not only it takes very long time but if the file is corrupted , that back up is useless. 


2. Tell rsync to ignore that /mnt/user/array_backup



Just curious if there is a setting to let unraid to ignore a top level folder been used as share. Or mark a disk pool not been used as part of a share?


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