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Windows can't find Unassigned Devices - Shared Disk

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Greetings all!

Thank you for taking your time to read my post. I noticed a few days ago that my Windows 11 VM lost connection with a shared drive that I have on my UnRaid server. I have not touched the server or the VM for the last three months.


Here is what I did so far:

- Restarted the Windows VM

- On another computer, checked to see if the shared disk is visable. (It was not)

- Check the Drive SMART report (No issues)

- Applied updates to the UnRaid server

- Restarted the UnRaid server

- Unmounted and Mounted the disk in question

- Restarted the Windows VM

- I can access the drive from the Unraid Main tab (/disk/(the shared disk in question)




Thank you for your time!


UnRaid Main Tab Disk.png

Windows VM .JPG

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