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Extend ZFS Pool thorws an error

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Hi All

I deleted my complete setup and started new (Version 6.12.0-rc6) and I want to start with ZFS. My plan is in arround 1 year to switch my network to 10GB so with ZFS i should get a nice performance boost then.


I was confused about how to set up my new NAS with ZFS.

So I have created a pool and formatted that with ZFS (first printscreen).

And now I am struggling to extend this pool...

I have no critical data on the drives so i can also start from scratch, but why can I not add a new disk to the pool (error on the second printscreen)?


The best way is to delete the complete setup and start new and use the Array section inside the main page, right?

Or how should I set up a ZFS raid correctly?



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With ZFS you need to think more upfront about how you want to end up because ZFS is far stricter about what is allowed when adding additional drives.    This is the big disadvantage it has against using BTRFS pools which can be easily expanded and can have drives of different sizes.

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so means i cannot simply add an new disk to extend the pool?

what would you suggest in my case?

how should i set up my environment then?

If i am using xfs i will have a performance issue later on becuase its not possible to read or write on multiple disks.

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3 hours ago, JorgeB said:



Add 3 new disks, or recreate the pool with 4 disks (will need to backup first).



But this works only for this extension… what is in one or two years when i add the next 8tb disk? Then i need to rebuild it again…


whats your suggestion in general?

is there another format where i can read from multiple disks to reach a 10gb connection?

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12 minutes ago, quei said:

what is in one or two years when i add the next 8tb disk? Then i need to rebuild it again…

That's how zfs works, like mentioned by Itimpi it's not very flexible, like for example btrfs, either use a different file system or things should be planned for the future.

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