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Game hosting help!

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So I have Veloren running on my unRaid server and that is working just fine.  I had to install it manually as there currently isn't any community app template for it, but I was able to get it to work on my local network without issue.  My kids want to be able to play with their friends though, so I set up Cloudflared DDNS to point to a domain I have, let's call it play.example.com.  This functions as well.  Friends outside of our network can join using that domain name and the Cloudflared app keeps my public IP updated so it properly points to my server.  Great, no worries.....except if you ping play.example.com then my public IP comes up.  That makes me a bit uncomfortable.  So what I've been trying to figure out is how to hide my public IP but still have the game reachable by that domain name listed above.


So far I've tried Zerotier setup on unraid as well as a VPS I have (very low end, couldn't host the game itself).  Zerotier control panel shows both talking with the network created for this purpose.  I think tried manipulating the firewall on VPS to let traffic from it to the unraid server or even just the domain name and neither works.  Can't ping public IP from VPS.  Can ping VPS from unraid though.


Then I looked at iptables and trying to route things that way.  Nothing is working.  Shoot, I've even taken to asking OpenAI for tips on how to set this up and tried several of "it's" suggestions and I still can't get the game to connect through VPS.


So my questions: 

   1) should I even worry about public IP showing?

   2) is there a better approach to shielding my IP in this context?


Note: the only port forwarded on my router is the one for this game


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