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Unraid suddenly started crashing sporadically. Image inside, built in diagnostic report isn't much use.

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Hello all,


I've not really had to post here at all as Unraid has worked perfectly, however in the last week or so I've been noticing issues with the UI being unavailable. 


I've connected a monitor today and noticed that it's crashing and through errors before being able to load fully. I have attached a screenshot of the monitor, apologies as it is a smart phone picture of the monitor but it is readable.


I took a look at the diagnostic report, but it only seems to show logs since the most recent reboot which, if it boots correctly contains nothing to do with these crashes. The crashes in the picture prevent the machine from booting at all.


I'll have to do a bit more playing around with safe mode and not running any apps, dockers, etc. Is there anything I can edit in the config to disable docker from loading as that is the only thing I can think I might've changed - adding a docker container.. if that could even cause these issues.


MSI Tomhawk B450 Motherboard.

AMd Ryzen 3600

32GB DDR4 3600

4x4TB drives.

5700XT Graphics Card


Appreciate any help.


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