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Assistance with accessing External hard drives on unraid v6.11.5 via Krusader

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Hi Unraid Community.


Im new to unraid just built my first nas the other day and having issues in getting access to an external hard drive I've plugged into my Nas.

I can confirm all my plug-ins are up to date, I've got unassigned devices plugins installed, the external drive is mounted and visible in my main tab however i cant access the hard drive from kruasder or filzilla, there is nothing coming up in my /mnt/ folder ( i believe i should be seeing a folder called disks.


This is really killing me guys as i cant bring over any of my data quickly via USB without access to my external hard drives. Can someone please provide some guidance / assistance for a newby please.


unraid 3.JPG

unraid 2.JPG


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