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Windows Server 2022 VM - Weird Issue

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I have a rather extensive homelab with a couple Windows 10 machines acting mainly as Home Theater PC's. I had a VMware host where a windows server. among other windows vm's, resided, exclusively for user and access management for the windows 10 machines. Since I setup an Unraid server I started moving most of my servers and services to Unraid dockers and vm's. At the end the VMware server was used only for the windows server 2016 vm. So, since I had enough resources on my Unraid server, I decided to move, and upgrade at the same time, the windows server 2022 to a vm in Unraid. Brand new clean installation of Windows Server 2022 with only the domain controller role setup. 

The windows machines use SMB to access the Unraid shares, so the unraid server has SMB enabled (active directory). Whenever I try to join the domain for the SMB to work (from Unraid) the windows server reboots ! No messages in Event Viewer or something pointing to the source of the problem. Other than when I try to join the domain from Unraid the windows server is stable as a rock.

I was on 6.11.5 and after 5-6 tries I managed to join the domain. I upgraded to 6.12.0 last night and after that, besides my 10-15 tries,  whenever I try to join the domain the windows server restarts ...


Any ideas about the source of this problem? Has anybody had any similar issues? 

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