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Random server crashes after upgrading to 6.12

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Recently upgraded from 6.11.5 to 6.12 and i'm getting random crashes where the entire server just dies. I would let it run by itself for a while and then when I go to check on it later it would be offline. I'd lose connection to the web server, I\wouldn't be able to ping the server and there's nothing displayed when I connect a monitor to it so i'd have to hard reboot it. 

I'm just downgrading back to 6.11.5 to see if it's an update specific issue but attaching the logs here to see if anyone knows why this would be happening


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same thing happened to me as well.. happened twice already within 24h..

E5 2697 V4

Huananzhi X99 F8

4 x 16GB Samsung ECC REG 2400Mhz

8 HDD array

4 x 1TB NVME raidz1 cache (Converted from Raid10 btrfs on 6.11.x) on pcie bifurcated card

running a few docker images, unifi controller, chia full node..

See if there's any clue.. been rock stable since 6.9.x..


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