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  1. I’m having a near identical issue, did you ever sort this? I cannot work out how the exclude system works.
  2. Why not just use the external address everywhere? That’s what I do.
  3. This was it, I didn't realize that a BIOS setting even had that effect. Its working now, thank you for your patience and help troubleshooting.
  4. I have a 1050TI that does my transcoding for now but I would like to retire it one day. Cheers
  5. Not that I know of, have had the box for about 6 months and only went into the bios once before today to enable VT-D and it has worked before. I will leave it for now and check in later, thanks for your help though.
  6. Thank you very much for this link, I am not sure it has solved my problem though. I followed the instructions on the post to enable the i915 driver I believe but its not working I don't think.. root@DIMRAID:/boot/config/modprobe.d# ls -lah total 8.0K drwx------ 2 root root 4.0K Jan 21 16:49 ./ drwx------ 11 root root 4.0K Jan 21 16:52 ../ -rw------- 1 root root 0 Jan 21 16:49 i915.conf root@DIMRAID:/boot/config/modprobe.d# intel_gpu_top Failed to detect engines! (No such file or directory) (Kernel 4.16 or newer is required for i915 PMU support.) root@DIMRAID:/boot/config/modprobe.d#
  7. I have used iGPU transcoding on unRaid 6.8.x before. Just to ensure I wasn't wasting anyones time I rebooted my server with a screen plugged in to ensure VT-D was enabled and it was. unRaid 6.9RC2 and an Intel 6700K Let me know what else I can check if needed. root@DIMRAID:~# intel_gpu_top Failed to detect engines! (No such file or directory) (Kernel 4.16 or newer is required for i915 PMU support.) root@DIMRAID:~# intel_gpu_frequency Test requirement not met in function drm_open_driver, file drmtest.c:463: Test requirement: !(fd<0) No known gpu found for chipset flags 0x1 (intel) Last errno: 2, No such file or directory SKIP (-1.000s) I am not sure what the container is meant to do exactly but I installed it just incase it was needed.
  8. I installed the new iGPU plugin, if I try to run the intel_gpu_top command I get this: Failed to detect engines! (No such file or directory) (Kernel 4.16 or newer is required for i915 PMU support.) I removed modprobe i915 from my GO file and rebooted, it didn't seem to fix anything. Running 6.9RC2 if that helps.
  9. Thanks @potjoe I’ve had a bit of a search and it seems other people are having the issue too. The forums also appear to be down so will circle back later.
  10. @benhall847 I uploaded some files to my test instance and they are 100% going into the docker volume not where they should be going into my /mnt/user/ncp folder. Can I confirm what version of unRaid you're running?
  11. Open the container with the console or: docker exec -it nextcloudpi sh Then run: df -h I just spun up a new instance of the container on an unRaid box that has never had it before and it shows this: shfs 48T 23T 26T 48% /data Can you see if the container is atleast aware of the /data directory?
  12. @benhall847 In your last screenshot, can you click edit on the one labelled "Nextcloud data folder" and send a screenshot?
  13. I have a suggestion around long term credit for community members. Often I see companies have a credits section where they acknowledge the open source projects that enable their product/service. Maybe unRaid could maintain a credits/origins page where they acknowledge the projects that help brought unRaid to where it is today but also the people. To use the example of @CHBMB his work (along with others I am sure) lead to people being able to use DVB with unRaid for years before it was more officially supported, their work paved the way for the features we have now. They did the hard work so we don't have to. The page could be on the website and built in to unRaid and would be a permanent record/thanks to the people that brought this software forward and to which we all owe some thanks. Apologies if this has been suggested before or already exists. To all the people that have gone above and beyond for the community in the past you have my thanks, I cannot list everyone sorry.