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  1. Upgraded to RC5 but none of my Plex containers would start. After a bit of troubleshooting it seems it wouldn't download the nvidia drivers and since I used that for transcoding the containers wouldn't start. I tried mucking around with the plugin a little but after maybe an hour of trying to force a download of the plugin and a few reboots I rolled back to RC4 and my containers started without issue and the Nvidia plugin page listed the device ID and driver version.
  2. I’m having a near identical issue, did you ever sort this? I cannot work out how the exclude system works.
  3. Why not just use the external address everywhere? That’s what I do.
  4. This was it, I didn't realize that a BIOS setting even had that effect. Its working now, thank you for your patience and help troubleshooting.
  5. I have a 1050TI that does my transcoding for now but I would like to retire it one day. Cheers
  6. Not that I know of, have had the box for about 6 months and only went into the bios once before today to enable VT-D and it has worked before. I will leave it for now and check in later, thanks for your help though.
  7. Thank you very much for this link, I am not sure it has solved my problem though. I followed the instructions on the post to enable the i915 driver I believe but its not working I don't think.. root@DIMRAID:/boot/config/modprobe.d# ls -lah total 8.0K drwx------ 2 root root 4.0K Jan 21 16:49 ./ drwx------ 11 root root 4.0K Jan 21 16:52 ../ -rw------- 1 root root 0 Jan 21 16:49 i915.conf root@DIMRAID:/boot/config/modprobe.d# intel_gpu_top Failed to detect engines! (No such file or directory) (Kernel 4.16 or newer is required for i915 PMU support.) root@DIMRAID:/boot/config/modprobe.d#
  8. I have used iGPU transcoding on unRaid 6.8.x before. Just to ensure I wasn't wasting anyones time I rebooted my server with a screen plugged in to ensure VT-D was enabled and it was. unRaid 6.9RC2 and an Intel 6700K Let me know what else I can check if needed. root@DIMRAID:~# intel_gpu_top Failed to detect engines! (No such file or directory) (Kernel 4.16 or newer is required for i915 PMU support.) root@DIMRAID:~# intel_gpu_frequency Test requirement not met in function drm_open_driver, file drmtest.c:463: Test requirement: !(fd<0) No known gpu found for chipset flags 0x1 (intel) Last errno: 2, No such file or directory SKIP (-1.000s) I am not sure what the container is meant to do exactly but I installed it just incase it was needed.
  9. I installed the new iGPU plugin, if I try to run the intel_gpu_top command I get this: Failed to detect engines! (No such file or directory) (Kernel 4.16 or newer is required for i915 PMU support.) I removed modprobe i915 from my GO file and rebooted, it didn't seem to fix anything. Running 6.9RC2 if that helps.
  10. Thanks @potjoe I’ve had a bit of a search and it seems other people are having the issue too. The forums also appear to be down so will circle back later.
  11. @benhall847 I uploaded some files to my test instance and they are 100% going into the docker volume not where they should be going into my /mnt/user/ncp folder. Can I confirm what version of unRaid you're running?
  12. Open the container with the console or: docker exec -it nextcloudpi sh Then run: df -h I just spun up a new instance of the container on an unRaid box that has never had it before and it shows this: shfs 48T 23T 26T 48% /data Can you see if the container is atleast aware of the /data directory?
  13. @benhall847 In your last screenshot, can you click edit on the one labelled "Nextcloud data folder" and send a screenshot?