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Drive with a red X in one server, fine in another?

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I find this confusing. 

Sadly, I don't believe I captured the syslog before shutting the server down. 


One of my disks scared me with a red X. I ordered new drives, pre-cleared them and started the server up, replacing the one drive. Rebuild went fine. (Which means the controller doesn't have an issue as it's on the same port). 


Then I took the "red x" drive and put it in my 2nd server. So far, no SMART Errors presented so I ran a quick self test and it says there are no errors. Now I'm running the extended test. 


My second server isn't vital; what would you do prior to deploying it again - if at all? 

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The Red X means that a write to the drive failed.


By and large actual drive errors are exceedingly rare.  Far more likely that the drive disconnected momentarily due to poor cabling (reseat the cables) which caused the issue,


In other words, the system acted as it should have in the circumstances.

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