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  1. Yeah, hence the roadblock. I've come to terms with the fact that it might be time to start my main server "from scratch" hopefully not 100% from scratch though. The main thing I need to figure out how to keep is my plex play data. So, with my secondary key, I'm going to revert back to the fresh trial install and start building it up as though it were my production key. Double the work but at least I can fall back on my main key. Are there any tips for speeding up this process? Or is it just best to start from "as scratch as possible" vs. copying old things over. Some of my dockers are messed up and I plan to swap some out for others, so that should be OK. I've been wanting to re-do my VMs anyway... really just the Plex docker. If I can replicate that setup on the trial key, that'll give me confidence to do this on my production.
  2. Right. Yesterday I made this fresh USB key. I booted to it (granted, on other hardware) and registered a trial. Today, I copied the /config from my production server, less its pro key, to said trial, overwriting existing files. Now it's telling me I can't use a trial key with an existing unraid OS install. Was my mistake registering the trial *before* copying over the config?
  3. Nope, you didn't forget. Well, you forgot that you didn't forget . So I didn't bring the .key file over. I just booted up, I'm seeing Unraid 6.8.3 but the array is stopped due to too many devices. Odd? Oh I see, because I haven't gotten a trial key. Gotcha. Any way to ditch the notifications that pop up? "Close all notifications" just takes out one page at a time. I have endless pages of "cache disk returned to normal" then not. Edit 2: Roadblock: "It is not possible to use a Trial key with an existing Unraid OS installation. You may purchase a Registration key corresponding to this USB Flash device to continue using this installation."
  4. Beauty - quick reply, thanks! Edit: thought so, just wasn't sure if older version files would be an issue. Done.
  5. finally carving out some time to work on this. When copying my existing /config folder (6.5.3) to the fresh trial install (6.8.3) for testing, do I want to overwrite the files there (with the old ones) or skip them?
  6. Curious. I've been "dealing" with this for some time. Whenever we're away, I power down the server. When I get back, without fail, my disk 1 shows up as missing. (WD Red 4TB) Until recently, I'd reboot 2-3 times and it would usually come back, work as normal and I'd forget about it. Just started it up after being away last night and same issue, but this time it didn't seem to want to be detected no matter how many times I wiggled / re-seated the cables and rebooted. Finally, I pulled all the disks until I could find the culprit so I knew which one I was dealing with. It's one of the drives on my controller card and I recently installed new cables for said card. I swapped it with a cable from my motherboard and it booted with all disks detected. So... it seems like it was just how that cable/controller was interacting with that particular drive? At the moment it's working but who knows if it will continue or not. If it were an issue with the cable / controller, you'd think my parity drive (cable I swapped with) would have shown similar symptoms. So far so good. Any ideas about what might be going on?
  7. Right. I follow. Just wanted to confirm on the appdata side of things. I have no plans to change paths specified within containers or the way they are set up. Gotcha. I believe so. Just looking for confirmation before I do anything. Sounds like trial + new key is the way to go, make sure I get Plex back up and running smoothly. What about switching docker releases? I.e. binhex to another? They should in theory behave the same?
  8. Good call. I hadn't given much thought other than wondering if I could pull something off like this. (I was thinking moving to a new USB key). But a trial on a new key is a good idea, thanks! Good to know; to clarify, where the docker lives can change (i.e. apps > appdata) but so long as the content it references doesn't change I should be good (i.e. /mnt/user/Videos/Home-Videos/).
  9. It has been mentioned in the past by a community member or two that I might want to start from scratch (because I opted to use a different name for appdata folder and a few other things like that). On my main server (which is nearly full) I'm still running 6.5.3. Part of the hesitation was potential issues with VMs that people were having with newer versions. It still has CouchPotato and SickChill while I'd like to give sonarr and radarr a go. I originally objected to the idea of starting fresh but now I'm considering it with 6.9 around the corner. My main hesitation at this point (aside from not having much time to pull it off and not wanting much downtime as the server also serves as our HTPC via VM) is successfully bringing all of the Plex watch data over. I've never been successful doing that in the past. Thoughts? Are there enough benefits to starting fresh or just do the in-place update, switch out the dockers and continue on; what would you do?
  10. No, I got as far as downloading it the other day with the intent of doing so. I'll check it out now. Edit: They both show as "good health" in Storage Executive. Running the short self-test now. Edit 2: Short self-tests both passed. So, I'm inclined to go by the % life remaining and put to use the one with "99%" even though some of the SMART values are higher, unless someone thinks there's a better measure to use.
  11. I have two Crucial SSDs. I have to assume the warranty is out on both of them, however, it seems as though Crucial doesn't have a tool to tell me this. Their warranty form says they'll get back to me. So, going by the SMART readouts, which one of these drives, based on their respective errors, is the "better" one to put into service in a secondary unraid box as a cache drive? Drive 1: Power on hours: 295 (12d, 7h) Reallocate NAND block count 31 Reported uncorrect 17462 Offline uncorrectable 37 CrystalDiskInfo says 99% health remaining Drive 2: Power on hours: 585 (24d, 9h) Reallocate NAND block count 257 Reported uncorrect 7860 Offline uncorrectable 1 CrystalDiskInfo says 96% health remaining If it weren't for CrystalDisk's score, I would have assumed the 2nd one. Not sure what it bases its health score on. Are there other readings I should be paying attention to? Thoughts?
  12. Grr. I have company over, was quickly adding some pics to Plex to share on the big screen; saw an update, it was a quick one and now I get "unable to connect". We were going to follow up with a movie. What's a quick way to revert? Edit: Looks like in the log it keeps getting hung up at "Atempting to upgrade to:". One of the times I restarted it I managed to get the web UI to load but not again since.
  13. Well, I did replace my livingroom HTPC with a Firestick 4k. My 2nd client is a Windows VM running off Unraid to which my projector is hooked up. (Previously also an HTPC). In an ideal world, that Firestick 4k would also be replaced with a GPU accelerated VM from the server as well. I'm trying to minimize boxes around the house :). Edit: so in effect, by adding GPUs capable of hardware decoding, I am in effect upgrading my clients. I was moreso looking for advice on how to move to the nvidia version of Unraid and how to best utilize the cards currently at my disposal.
  14. I switched out all of my AMD cards for a pile of nvidia cards. Now I need to decide which ones make it into my unraid box. There is no onboard graphics in my server. No QuickSync option. I'm aware of the nvidia version of Unraid but am still trying to wrap my head around what it means for me. Options: Zotac 1660 Ti 6GB - the one with the two different sized fans. GTX 2060 6GB - blower style GTX 1070 8GB OC - dual fan (have 2 of these cards) GTX 1050 Ti 4GB - single fan GTX 1050 2GB - single fan GTX 960 2GB - blower style Quadro FX570 - have a few kicking around, single slot. Goals: Give as much Plex decoding/transcoding done on a GPU as my CPU is a little long in the tooth; h.265 is a problem. 4k is in my future. Keep thermals in check. I have a 4U case but it's not deep and doesn't have turbines for fans. Get good performance/thermals ratio. Most of the games I'd play are older with the exception of Star Citizen, on a 1080p projector. Have up to 2 VMs running at a time for casual gaming. I think that sums it up. As for Goal #1, I'm not sure if that means running PMS in a docker (where it is now) or a VM. Still fuzzy on that. As for GPUs: I'm currently leaning towards the 1660Ti for Plex, assuming the new nvenc is worth dedicating this over say a 1050 or quadro to the task... Depending on Plex needs, either the 1660 Ti / 1050 Ti for gaming or a more even 1660 Ti / 2060 for the gaming VMs then one of the other cards as primary / for Plex. Thoughts?