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  1. Grr. I have company over, was quickly adding some pics to Plex to share on the big screen; saw an update, it was a quick one and now I get "unable to connect". We were going to follow up with a movie. What's a quick way to revert? Edit: Looks like in the log it keeps getting hung up at "Atempting to upgrade to:". One of the times I restarted it I managed to get the web UI to load but not again since.
  2. Well, I did replace my livingroom HTPC with a Firestick 4k. My 2nd client is a Windows VM running off Unraid to which my projector is hooked up. (Previously also an HTPC). In an ideal world, that Firestick 4k would also be replaced with a GPU accelerated VM from the server as well. I'm trying to minimize boxes around the house :). Edit: so in effect, by adding GPUs capable of hardware decoding, I am in effect upgrading my clients. I was moreso looking for advice on how to move to the nvidia version of Unraid and how to best utilize the cards currently at my disposal.
  3. I switched out all of my AMD cards for a pile of nvidia cards. Now I need to decide which ones make it into my unraid box. There is no onboard graphics in my server. No QuickSync option. I'm aware of the nvidia version of Unraid but am still trying to wrap my head around what it means for me. Options: Zotac 1660 Ti 6GB - the one with the two different sized fans. GTX 2060 6GB - blower style GTX 1070 8GB OC - dual fan (have 2 of these cards) GTX 1050 Ti 4GB - single fan GTX 1050 2GB - single fan GTX 960 2GB - blower style Quadro FX570 - have a few kicking around, single slot. Goals: Give as much Plex decoding/transcoding done on a GPU as my CPU is a little long in the tooth; h.265 is a problem. 4k is in my future. Keep thermals in check. I have a 4U case but it's not deep and doesn't have turbines for fans. Get good performance/thermals ratio. Most of the games I'd play are older with the exception of Star Citizen, on a 1080p projector. Have up to 2 VMs running at a time for casual gaming. I think that sums it up. As for Goal #1, I'm not sure if that means running PMS in a docker (where it is now) or a VM. Still fuzzy on that. As for GPUs: I'm currently leaning towards the 1660Ti for Plex, assuming the new nvenc is worth dedicating this over say a 1050 or quadro to the task... Depending on Plex needs, either the 1660 Ti / 1050 Ti for gaming or a more even 1660 Ti / 2060 for the gaming VMs then one of the other cards as primary / for Plex. Thoughts?
  4. Fair point. If I'm not mistaken, this is marketed as a "NAS" drive too, I paid $200 CAD + tax about 2 years ago for it; I'd certainly expect a longer lifespan than that. I do want to RMA it, I guess the only question is, do I do it now, while it's out of my system or later - before the warranty's up. The latter is obviously riskier as I could forget or the drive could completely fail before then in which case I could lose data should another go before I can get a replacement at a decent price. The benefit, of course, would be potentially getting more life (~1/2 year) out of the current one and in turn less wear on the replacement. I don't really think it's worth it though. Edit: curious though how it seems to have aborted due to an i/o error: Feb 11 15:35:23 preclear_disk_K1JV2P5D_32208: Post-Read: dd output: dd: error reading '/dev/sdh': Input/output error
  5. So... I set it up to do 2 more preclear cycles... and it failed on the first cycle after 22 hours on step 5: Preclear log attached. Smart status hasn't changed though, so I'm not sure what that means for this drive. This was on a new(er) cable attached directly to the motherboard. Early this morning I put a room fan on it which brought the temp closer to what it would be inside the case. Edit: I just checked and (thankfully) the drive is still under warranty until September 29th of this year. preclear_disk_K1JV2P5D_32208.txt
  6. So I ran Preclear on the 6TB HGST Deskstar that had amassed 835 CRC errors and the Current Pending Sector went from 0 to 8. I had just set the drive on top of my server for the preclear and at one point noticed temps up to 39 degrees C despite ambient being around 19. I don't believe my 8TB drive got anywhere near that. I now have to decide if I'm going to re-introduce this drive into the array, replacing a smaller disk or not. The drive currently has 1yr 10mo power on time.
  7. Thanks, yes, right now I have 2 SSDs and am planning to add a third to finally start a cache pool (the other is for VMs). I had left a spot open on the motherboard just for such occasions as preclearing (which finally just finished; I think my 8TB drive is good!) and for the eventual second cache SSD. I certainly *could* simply move the cables about, temporarily for sure, I just have a certain order to thinks that I'd like to keep. Just need to find some time to get re-organized :). It'll be a good time to put in the new fans I picked up too.
  8. That's true. I wouldn't call it stress, just the path across the CPU fan is less than ideal. They do sit square on the drive, but it's not how I like to arrange a system.
  9. I missed this. Interesting; I have yet to come across WD drives w/o a shroud, good to know! Got the new 50cm cables installed last night. Without a drive location reorg, they *just* reached the furthest drives. I'll definitely want to move things around as right now the sata cables are strewn across the CPU fan. But they work. Next up, I'm going to be swapping out as many of the cables going to my motherboard's SATA ports as I can with new ones I have lying around. May as well; I value my data. I've cleared the errors and am nearly done pre-clearing the initial 8TB (previous parity) drive with hopes of being able to re-introduce it to the array and bump a smaller drive. A parity check was just done at the beginning of the month "finding 0 errors" so I'm presuming I'm good to go to swap out the data disk.
  10. They wouldn't let me cancel but told me to order the shorter version & send back the longer ones. Both arrived yesterday, I just haven't had time to put them in the server yet. They seem short, but we'll see. Maybe I'll use this opportunity to re-arrange the drives in my server; put the ones on the controller closer to the bottom of the motherboard side of the case while the motherboard sata cables, being closer to the cages, can probably reach the right cage. I have auto parity checks set to go the first of the month; the Feb check ran with no further CRC or read errors. Hopefully today or tomorrow I'll get to running a pre-clear on the original Toshiba 8TB drive I started this thread about to assess (with a new cable) if it is in fact failing or was just a connection issue all along.
  11. I ended up grabbing a cheaper 2 pack from amazon today. We'll see how they work out. I ordered before reading the earlier replies but did end up getting 50cm cables. There were shorter options but I felt that would be a little too short. The only thing these cheaper ones didn't have were the locks. Maybe I should have opted for ones with them. Oh well! There were good reviews from people using them in Unraid with controller cards so... we'll see! Upon verifying... it looks like I somehow ended up with the 1m long ones. That's excessive; I may cancel my order!
  12. Fair enough. I guess the relevant question re: 6TB drive is are errors reported in the "Errors" column in Unraid's Main page different / unrelated / related to the CRC errors reported? To me those are read/write errors which, presuming I have a cable not doing its job, could be to blame. I'm just not sure if it's possibly something more concerning. Anyway, placing an Amazon order tonight; I'll see if I can pick up a decent set of replacement cables for my controller card.
  13. I guess I'll order another set as well, if only for backup. While I don't doubt it can be a cable issue, it's curious that it would arise when not much else has changed / moved. Unfortunately the link you posted does not ship to Canada, but I'll look for something similar.
  14. I'm less concerned about the CRC errors after you mentioned this and more concerned about the 2656 errors - in the "error column" within unraid that have cropped up on the 6TB drive. It has both - errors in that column plus CRC errors; perhaps that's related, perhaps not.