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  1. It's likely a Marvell controller like mine. I quit using it with this 6.7 branch due to the flakiness.
  2. This isn't VM related this is a general UI bug. I pin my CPUs and it happens to ones assigned to unraid outside of VM isolation.
  3. Anyone in this thread having issues with RC8? My issue still hasn't tripped causing the phantom CPU spikes in GUI.
  4. Are we just seeing a theme with Ryzen? Might be an unidentified bug.
  5. It's a good point but this is new with the 6.7 branch for me. What you recommend is probably a good standard process to do in general.
  6. Rebooted fine though ssh. Waiting for it to show up again. Triggered a parity check though. Any idea which process/task is causing this to trigger? Stinks having to reboot to stop my array to make a disk setting level adjustment. Especially when the btrfs is on one single cache drive and a drive that us in unassigned devices. Thoughts or ideas how to stop this from occuring? This issue is new in 6.7 branch for me.
  7. Automatically after running for a few hours this popped up and now over the past 24 the button has been greyed out. Trying to understand what is causing it.
  8. Updated and array did a parity rebuld. Everything appears to be functioning except for being unable to stop my array. Reported as greyed out box with notation " Stop will take the array off-line. Disabled -- BTRFS operation is running" Attaching diagnostics. These issues didn't occur in 6.6.7. unraid-box-diagnostics-20190330-1703.zip
  9. Experienced the same issue, phantom CPU in dashboard. Running rc-6
  10. +1 I've been using it since crashplan changed models/pricing.
  11. I believe your next step is to go into tools and do a new config, of course noting which one is parity. Assign slots and assign parity drive. At that point when you start the array it will at that point rebuild parity.
  12. Yup saw something similar before reversion. Any adjustments to the VM cause that auto to get set. This includes the XML.
  13. I believe my issue with nvme with Marvell is corrected in the latest RC. Had another random issue that forced a reboot but no nvme going missing with unassigned devices plug-in
  14. You were right, my system tripped a parity check after reboot. System is again responsive. Was throwing random 502 errors on the plug-in update page when this was all occuring. Snagged a diags too while occuring if you guys think it's helpful I'll post. I do use xfs encryption but I don't think it's related. I had 100MB/S access to my write access shares with cache and 60ish with straight array targets.