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  1. I was honestly thinking about how I want to do security cameras but want a separate cache drive to fill up that I don't care about and would rotate out. Would be so nice..
  2. This.. if your going to do it.. please for the love that is holy have some sort of confirmation that isn't in the same place. I can see it now.. I miss a tab or something and hit enter and RESTART! lol
  3. Getting 500 errors is there something wrong with the deployment server?
  4. You have to manually edit the xml file
  5. You would simply stub it during boot and then pass it through like you would do anything else.
  6. I saw some people talk about power consumption and being higher on Unraid. I wanted to show some examples I've been gleaning from my 2990WX system I've build. First configuration.. AMD Threadripper 2 2990WX - PDO OFF 64 GB G.SKill 3200 CL15 RAM - OC'd to 2933mhz(Fastest I can get with this board) ASUS X399 Zenith Board 16 8TB WD Reds 2 10 TB WD Reds - Not part of the array yet.. Adding another 3 10TB WD Reds before I start adding. 1 Samsung NVME 960 512GB 1 Intel 240GB SSD 1 Sandisk 960GB SSD EGVA SC2 1080Ti 1600w Titanium PSU Enemax TRII(I know you don't have to tell me) 3x120MM fans 5x 140MM Fans 1x 120MM Case Fan All measurements are taking from the UPS 1. Idle Consumption - All VMs off, All Drives Spun Down, Plex & Such but no trans-codes occurring Dockers running(allocated 8 cores) On-Demand 2. Online Consumption - Drives Spun up, Gaming VM Running - Chrome Running, Discord, few other apps CPU utilization below 10% 3. Online Consumption - Drives Spun up, Gaming VM Running Game Running - Satisfactory - Medium Sized Factory - CPU Utilization in VM at 40% 4. Online Consumption - Drives Spun Down Gaming VM Running just like #2 I believe the bulk of power consumption comes from the VMs themselves. The Windows 10 VM is fully patched but do not appear to "idle" like I would expect when I log out. I can save a lot more power by simply turning the machine off at night. The only PIA with that is I have to turn the VM back on in the morning when I come in. By doing that I can save over double the power. I've also been reading there are tweaks you can do the XML but I've done most of them. Below is what my XML looks like that does appear to have lowered idle consumption but just not as much as I would hope tbh. I kind of wonder if the GPU isn't going into lower power mode or something as well. Anyways just thought I might open discussions about power consumption. Its always an interesting topic and I assume most if not all of us run our servers near 24x7. <hyperv> <relaxed state='on'/> <vapic state='on'/> <spinlocks state='on' retries='8191'/> <vpindex state='on'/> <synic state='on'/> <stimer state='on'/> <reset state='on'/> <vendor_id state='on' value='KVM Hv'/> <frequencies state='on'/> </hyperv> EDIT: Turning down refresh rate to 60hz substantially lowered power consumption #5. All disk Spun up just like Example #2 but with 60hz set and gsync off
  7. Would like to report I think I fixed my latency spikes.. I still get one every once in a while when gaming but nearly as bad. I figured out that it was gsync being enabled.. Don't know why it broke it but it did.
  8. I second it.. Even split it off if you'd like and just let people who want to take the risk take it.. My latency is down substantially through tons of tweaks. I've made but I still get latency spikes.. Hoping to get it down even further.. Just like to point out.. I don't know what causes my latency spikes.. Sometimes (usually a fresh restart) my latency spikes will be no where to be seen. Game runs smooth everything is great.. Like now though.. been up for a few days and its stutter city. 32 cores 64 threads and the system is barely being used. I wish I could figure out where the latency is coming from.. I do memory tests and it comes back nice and responsive. GPU tests are meh but no reason why that I can tell.
  9. Also limetech is a nice person and very helpful. If you have problems you can post here and people will try to help you. Its not promised or anything but limetech well chime in at times to.
  10. On my 2990wx I still get stuttering here and there sadly. Seems more noticeable when plex streams are going on in the non memory controller dies. Sound will get out of sync if you use onboard sound card while playing videos when running other VMs. I Have a an ASUS Zenith Board that doesn't like my ram much honestly. I had a Taichi x399 but that board wouldn't boot my LSI 9201 card into an OS. I am hoping the 3k series threadrippers with chiplet designs solve a lot of issues around memory access and such.
  11. I created a folder for me to dump some data into and I apparently cannot change the permissions.. I also received a segfault. Diagnostic included.. Threadripper 2990wx Ram not OC'd set to stock 2133 Zenith X399 Board Mar 17 17:40:29 Tower emhttpd: req (9): shareName=encryption&userAccess.0=no-access&userAccess.1=read-write&changeShareAccess=Apply&csrf_token=**************** Mar 17 17:40:29 Tower emhttpd: userAccess.2 not found Mar 17 17:40:29 Tower kernel: emhttpd[16144]: segfault at 0 ip 00001494c3ddad4e sp 00007ffe833abb18 error 4 in libc-2.28.so[1494c3c85000+169000] Mar 17 17:40:29 Tower kernel: Code: 0f 84 f9 fe ff ff e9 e1 cd f3 ff 90 89 f8 31 d2 c5 c5 ef ff 09 f0 25 ff 0f 00 00 3d 80 0f 00 00 0f 8f 56 03 00 00 c5 fe 6f 0f <c5> f5 74 06 c5 fd da c1 c5 fd 74 c7 c5 fd d7 c8 85 c9 74 7e f3 0f tower-diagnostics-20190317-2248.zip
  12. are you doing a gpu passthrough? Is the config messed up where its trying to pass through your sata controller instead?
  13. Weirdly I didn't originally. For some reason my root tweak for the gpu only isn't there anymore. I forgot I had tweaked my GPU. All you need to do is on the GPU PCI you set the bus to 08 if your using my XML.. up higher in the XML is a pci-root that is set to 08 but and its multi function