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  1. Don't really see what board your running but some boards are weird about passing the Audio.. Even my Zenith sometimes shits the bed with the audio though its fairly rare. Also testdasi, me, and another user whose username escapes me all have 2990wx and we've probably put countless hours of research into making our systems run VMs really well. Though on this thread it's mostly the first few posts and when it gets down to mine and a few others. Btw most things have actually been integrated into Unraid(depending on what version your running). For instance you don't have to do all the special XML editing crap on a lot of stuff unless your bridging both numa together. Tbh on that unraid can't do that very easily as there is A LOT of special sauce on that. Heck it took me months to make the numa properly render so memory could easily be split and allocated. Anyways I'd say learn how to skim fast as that is what I generally do.. Guessing that is what testdasi is talking about it. Most of these responses in this thread are mostly people asking questions or something and only a few posting updates and such. Just lock onto them and go through their comments looking for updates from them. Will go a lot faster.. Below is all you really need these days if your running the latest Unraid. For the processor part to render the cache properly. Unraid actually does most of this for you now though in the latest version. It will not do the numa part. At least to my knowledge. <cpu mode='host-passthrough' check='none'> <topology sockets='1' cores='16' threads='1'/> <cache mode='passthrough'/> <feature policy='require' name='topoext'/> <feature policy='disable' name='monitor'/> <feature policy='require' name='hypervisor'/> <feature policy='disable' name='svm'/> <feature policy='disable' name='x2apic'/> <numa> <cell id='0' cpus='0-7' memory='16777216' unit='KiB'/> <cell id='1' cpus='8-15' memory='16777216' unit='KiB'/> </numa> </cpu> This is what you should be running for your numa.. It will properly allocate your ram. The way you currently have it. It will allocate all it can from node0 first which is "problematic" to say the least.. Please keep in mind I run a 2990wx so your NUMA's will be different.. I'm assuming 0/1 so yeah.. don't just copy paste this and then come back and complain it doesn't work please o_o. <numatune> <memory mode='strict' nodeset='0,2'/> <memnode cellid='0' mode='strict' nodeset='0'/> <memnode cellid='1' mode='strict' nodeset='2'/> </numatune>
  2. Download Tips and Tweaks.. Enable Intel Turbo/AMD Performance Boost? Also if your doing all core boosts make sure the CPU is rated for all cores..
  3. Alright so I basically do everything you've asked for. I do VPN for all my dockers(that need VPN). Dockers such as Deluge and Sabnzb.. Binhex is very good for this. I also use Plex and Home assistant dockers. I use "Letsencrypt" docker for all my reverse proxy stuff. Very easy. You can technically use the GUI one but it doesn't have fail to ban. I moved to unraid due to simplicity. I used to have a VMWare all in one box with ZFS napp-it. Unraid makes it super easy to grow your pools while protecting them. There are downsides to be honest. Like I kind of wish I had an unraid inside of unraid. A VM that ran all the dockers and such so I could abstract stuff better but it's an amazing product for the money.
  4. Gpu is folding at home via vm. It wasn't working till about 20 minutes ago. The server that was handing out the workloads was down.
  5. So.. realize that when my GPU and CPU are running pretty hard it's bad news bears for my battery lol. Super glad I'm not running PBO level 3 right now.. I'd probably trip the battery.
  6. Tried to give my GPU as well on my windows VM but for some reason it doesn't appear to be using my GPU at all. Hope the watercooling holds up hehe. Edit: Running fold@home as well to get the GPU going
  7. https://github.com/electrified/asus-wmi-sensors <- this would be nice to for 6.9 for ASUS peoples. It directly reads the WMI interface that ASUS has moved to and displays all sensors properly.(Supposedly)
  8. Things are looking good so far for me.
  9. o-o Thank you @limetech installing now
  10. Turns out it is CPU limiting.. The processes called "unraidDD" with the number I assume of the disk behind it are all spiking to 100% all the time. It also appears there are more b2sum processes running than originally meets the eye. I'm unsure though why the unraidDD process is requiring so much processing power but assume it has something to do with the lookup of files on that particular disk.
  11. 5x 160-190MB/s = 800-950MB/s Also during things like parity checks it(with the extra 2 drives for parity) it will go an average of 110 megabytes a second average check speed(which is a limitation of the back-plane. Since the back plane only has a single SAS connection 6GBx4 + overhead.
  12. So having an issue or two.. First Full Disclosure Processor 2990wx - 24 physical cores 48 threads available for use Ram 128GB Using BLAKE2 for hashing I was doing checks to see how many disks I could check at once.. Started with All and started killing checks starting with disk 1. I noticed however that disk 1's job never stopped for some reason. It has kept running. That is my first issue. It appears repeatable as well. When I kill disk 1 it appears to kill another job instead. Problem two is I can seemingly only do 5 disks at a time if I want any kind of speed. After that the MB checked per second drops substantially. If I do all drives at once it will drop to about 10mb a second(18 Drives). So looking at top I noticed two processes seem to run at once per drive. So I cut it down to 12 drives thinking 12x2 = 24 and no one core was maxing so should be great. But it only raised it to about 30 megabytes a second. A 3x increase but still was hoping with as many physical cores as I have it would be able to do more. Is this expected or perhaps I have something configured wrong?
  13. Thanks I can't wait. Really need the new temp monitoring