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  1. Jerky_san

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    I think i am just using the stock ups thing that comes with unraid.
  2. Jerky_san

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    The UPS plugin on the dashboard no longer shows the wattage consumption only % load. It would be nice if it could still show that.
  3. Jerky_san

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    Yeah I tried a lot of different things.. It doesn't make sense though as the topology fixes were technically in 3.0 so don't understand why I can't let it pass through and instead have to emulate an EPYC which does show the proper topology.
  4. Jerky_san

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    Updated.. my dreams of having a fixed threadripper cache native supported dashed sadly. QEMU 3.1 doesn't seem to have the fix either. For some reason it broke my USB controller though for my gaming machine. Machine won't boot with it put in the VM. Edit: Reverting sadly due to being able to figure out why the passthrough of the usb controller is causing the machine to fail booting. Edit 2: Interestingly when I reverted back it doesn't fix it either.. Time to play the guessing game #_#.. Edit 3: Unplugged all my usb devices and plugged them in one at a time. For some reason my astro gaming headset is causing my VM to not boot. Very strange..
  5. Jerky_san

    Kernel f. TR4 f. Passthrough

    Read this if it's what your asking for. It's not perfect pass through but it should be coming in 6.7 hopefully
  6. PUBG ironically seems to only look for VMWare assorted things which can even be fixed by simply telling vmware to hide from it #_#. Its not a very good at detecting things hehe..
  7. Jerky_san

    Nearly through on GPU pass-through

    https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/ My system with a ton of tweaks because its a 2990wx #_# and apparently isn't super well supported by QEMU right now gets near parity with baremetal.
  8. Jerky_san

    Nearly through on GPU pass-through

    #_# I ironically got it from videocards bios repository. Has worked with both my ASUS Dual 1070 and my EVGA 1080TI SC2.
  9. Jerky_san

    2019 upgrade

    really depends on what your shooting for. If power consumption is your aim then you need to set goals for said consumption. Building servers has a triangle. Efficiency, performance, and cost. Only bad thing is you only can chose one of the three. Efficiency and performance comes with a high cost. I use my threadripper for gaming, soon my wife's machine, 6-7 plex transcode streams, some dedicated servers for games, and my storage system. My old system consumed 80-120 watts idle and around 185 watts when "using" it. That was with 12 3tb drives and it was a quad core xeon. Averaging 100 watts a day makes that 2.4 kw. For another 11.2 cents a day(my price is $0.07 a kw) I get a 1080ti. 16 drives with an m2 and a 32 core thread ripper & a bunch of ssds. I shot for the most performance with the best efficiency to achieve that(the 1600 watt psu) and I paid a heavy price for it. 2990wx was 1700 and the board was 350. Cooling was another 150.
  10. Jerky_san

    2019 upgrade

    Whats your price range? If its good enough then move to a threadripper 2 or wait for the thread ripper 3's to come out(with supposedly 64 cores if you can believe that). I run a 2990wx with 64gb of ram on an x399 zenith. Works pretty good except the QEMU is still playing catch up on the AMD stuff so its got a few problems here and there. Mostly solved by a few XML customization. Keeping in mind that I have 16 8tb drives, m.2, 1080ti, and 3 ssds. My consumption is average 300 watts. You take away the GPU though it drops to about 200-220 watts. Take away all the drives I figure your sitting around 170 watts. I do have a 1600 watt titantium PSU though so that might also help a lot with my power consumption. Edit: Sorry just realized you'd not get below 4kw a day on that.. Sorry.. Maybe a 2950x would be a lot less consumption.
  11. Jerky_san

    X399 Motherboard recommendation.

    #_# I tried putting warnings up about that one on reddit and here.. Zenith is the only one confirmed to work with an LSI9201 that I have. I loved my Taichi btw as it booted perfectly with my ram at the proper speeds. Buckle up buckaroo for the Zenith cause its the most customizable but they did something to it for the thread ripper 2 updates that makes it not able to run ram as fast. Hope others chime in as well but I've not read of others running hbas on other boards.
  12. Jerky_san

    List of 2990wx Issues (Pls help)

    yeah.. welcome to the club on that.. VMWare hates my zenith x399 board.
  13. Jerky_san

    List of 2990wx Issues (Pls help)

    Just wait for 6.7 to come out. You don't have to patch it but you have to pass an epyc cpu instead for the cache to work properly. Sadly AMD just entered the scene in a big way so it's taking a while to play catch up.
  14. Jerky_san

    List of 2990wx Issues (Pls help)

    I don't use zenstates as the 2990wx I believe has a fix for that built in. If you plan to do VMs have a look at my post about things to resolve caching issues. also look at the end where I discuss how I crossed NUMAs without a performance hit with these settings.
  15. Jerky_san

    VPN from a VM

    What should happen is the VPN chooses one of the NICs the other will stay connected to the internal network. What software is it using? Sounds almost like its not setup right as if your using an IP that is part of the local gateway the VPN isn't supposed to stop you from connecting to it unless its setup in a very specific way to grab literally all traffic.