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    Corsair 740 Air case- Taichi X399 Threadripper- 1920X- Corsair 64Gb 8x8Gb 2933Mhz- Evga CLC 280 Evga 1Kw gold PSU- Allegro Pro USB 3.0 to U.2 port/PLX bridge- 2x Evga GTX 960 SSC 4GB- 2x Evga 2070 Black- 2x Plextor 512Gb SSD- 2x WD Black 1Tb NVMe-

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  1. If someone runs into an exposed unraid system- they should contact limetech and give them the license # so they can contact them and advise them on what to do next. Usually there is an email on file with them. Maybe shut it down to prevent others from pwning it.
  2. Still have the 1920 for sale- considering all offers.
  3. I have it up and running. It works great, ran a couple races with a buddy- very realistic racing.
  4. If there was a version update- sometimes they will replace the config with a vanilla one. I always just make a backup before restarting the docker and restore over the vanilla. I do know that some options change on occasion when versions do, so you may have to recreate a new config based on the vanilla. Definitely not a problem with the docker- we played our 28 day horde last night with my crew of 6 and they took down our entire base! So much fun.
  5. Doing exactly that- with slightly more powerful hardware: Asrock taichi x399 with Tr2950 (but started with a 1920x that I am looking to sell.) 64Gb Corsair Dominator 2x WD 1Tb nvme Passed to 2 machines 2x Plexstor 512 Gb Passed to 2 machines 2x Samsung 1Tb for cache array 3x WD 3Tb array data 2x 2070RTX EVGA 2x 960 EVGA SSC Allegro pro 4x USB pcie U.2 port to pcie 4x adapter 4x insignia usb hubs We play several games that have a local Docker server like 7 days to die and Ark- which run on the same physical machine with @ich777 's magnificent dockers. We also do a lot of other AAA titles like monster hunter world, borderlands games, fortnite, ect. Rarely encounter any stutter or real issues with my setup. It did take quite a while to get everything dialed in perfectly, and the performance tuning is still quite the process- but I have had everything solid for months and even had to recover my machines once- so pretty confident in that process also. Be aware that USB will be one of the larger challenges to get everyone able to use their own usb CONTROLLER. The allegro pro I bought has been discontinued- so getting everyone their own controller on a interface that is still available when 4 GPUs are in- will be difficult.
  6. Start fresh with new machine, attach GPU, windows iso, and peripherals. Upload modded GPU rom to share and point machine to use that rom. Attach monitor physically with known good cable, boot machine- install windows. On next boot, GPU should have generic drivers, then install geforce drivers and everything should be good.
  7. If the machine is off- and the card not attached to unraid for video or encoding- it will not spin up or power up.
  8. I had to boot it for first install without VNC graphics. No matter what I did, if I added VNC graphics, I got code 43. So instead, I stubbed the card, dumped the bios, and then set only that card for video- then did a full windows install and added geforce drivers- that has worked for me every time. Not sure why- but others have had success with that method.
  9. I did dump my own bios for the first card that unraid grabs- removed the header and set it to do rom passthrough. Since it wasn't the only card, none of my others required that to work properly.
  10. I had this issue until I setup a new machine without vnc graphics- with only the graphics card attached and hyper-v disabled, then did a physical install of windows without vnc. Not sure why it worked, but worth a shot.
  11. Are you using the Epyc hack for processor identification? It seems that helps some of us with TR CPUs.
  12. Also curious what you are doing for this- have you tried using RRTR?
  13. That change should have absolutely no effect if the card is stubbed properly. I changed 2 of my 960s to 2070s a few months ago and the biggest changes that I had to do were to get all of the IDs for that card to pass through- including the USB and sound devices on the card. Note: the old card only had 2 pcie devices but the new one has a 3rd for the USB 3 device that the card contains. I didn't even have to change drivers before it would boot(just as fast as always).