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    Corsair 740 Air case- Asrock Taichi X399 Threadripper- 1920X- Corsair 64Gb 8x8Gb 2933Mhz- Evga CLC 280 Evga 1Kw gold PSU- Sonnet Allegro Pro USB 3.0 attached to U.2 port with PLX bridge- 4x Evga GTX 960 SSC 4Gb- 2x Plextor 512Gb SSD- 2x WD Black 1Tb NVMe-

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  1. jordanmw

    fortytwo - unRAID X399 build

    That's why I went with the asrock taichi x399.... all the important features without the price.
  2. jordanmw

    fortytwo - unRAID X399 build

    Answered privately, but here for the forum: https://www.microsatacables.com/u2-sff8639-to-pcie-4-lane-adapter-sff-993-u2-4l I had a corsair air 740 which does have a small front 2.5 bay location that I adapted by USB card to fit into.
  3. jordanmw

    ISCSI Support

    +1 would love this support
  4. jordanmw

    Home central rig and how to solve cable length

    There are still the 60hz limitations from the ones I tried. Yeah, you'd break out the audio from the monitor. Thunderbolt is great- but as you mentioned- expensive.
  5. jordanmw

    Home central rig and how to solve cable length

    Probably the most elegant solution with the best performance latency wise- is to get separate hdmi and usb over IP adapters. Many of them don't need power and since the hdmi can handle the audio also- you are really only talking about 2 cables to each station- plus power for the monitor(with speakers). My wife and I game on a 4 headed setup with another couple and I just went the long cable route since I am only 40ish feet from the rig. I tested some adapters but didn't have enough cat6 to get it where I wanted- seemed to work well latency wise with a GB switch. Let me know what you end up going with- and what your performance is like- I may go that route in the future.
  6. jordanmw

    Hyper v and nvidea gpus

    My 960 required a bios rom for my first video card- but not the other 3. Was the only way I could get that one up.
  7. jordanmw

    Win 10 VM Crashing Playing Ark Survival Evolved

    Ok, everyone here saying you have way too low end of a VM for ARK are 100% correct, but the network share is also the issue. I run 4 gaming VMs and an ARK server VM on my unraid setup, and used to have 2 of the machines setup with a network vdisk- ARK would not work on those 2 machines until I passed through an SSD and installed there. So, while your VM is FAR TOO underpowered to expect anything but crashes from ARK, the network share is likely the cause. I have a gtx960 with 10Gb RAM and 2(4smt) physical cores passed through from my 1920x- and it still looks like doggy doo. It runs, and if you turn down virtually all the eye candy- gives decent framerates- mostly:(
  8. jordanmw

    Any good reasons to activate windows?

    Heh, of course you do. We are talking about practical reasons- not ethical ones. Anyone know of any functional limitations besides theme changes?
  9. jordanmw

    cs go VAC status unRAID

    I've also had no issues on CS or any game using VAC. Looks like it must be a non issue at this point, I have a wide selection installed- and have yet to run into any issues with anything. I will also note that I have the hypervisor flag set to false.
  10. jordanmw

    Wierd threadripper temp issue

    No, I can see temps but not control fan/pump speed. If you have a USB header for the pump- you can pass that through to a windows machine and install the control software if you have some. Otherwise I just did all the tweaking with fan/pump speed in the bios- that is really the best way.
  11. jordanmw

    Wierd threadripper temp issue

    So, when I started building my TR build, I went through the usual paces and noticed that my thermals were insanely high. I started freaking out and exchanged my water cooler- but still the temps were through the roof. I did some research and found that there is a 27 degree offset for that CPU. That means that it reports a 21 degree higher temp on specific sensors. I run about 50C at the high end and idle around 30C once I choose the sensors I know will report without the offset, everything looks great. I never get thermal throttling, so not sure what is going on there, but I did set my pump to 1400rpm- 900 sounds way slow- and unless you have a loud pump, you should get it at least to 1200.
  12. jordanmw

    Single GPU, no VM video

    Glad to hear it russ... hope everything is smooth sailing for you from here on out.
  13. jordanmw

    Any good reasons to activate windows?

    Yeah- that is where my current licenses came from- but can't justify spending 180ish on licensing 4 windows copies just to get rid of the watermarks.
  14. jordanmw

    Single GPU, no VM video

    No- this is expected. If you didn't exclude the card at boot, then unraid will boot with that card for video and if the VM is booted with that GPU assigned, it will take over that card. He has a threadripper- so no IGP.
  15. jordanmw

    NVIDIA GTX1060 passthrough not working

    I had some similar issues and it really boiled down to dumping the bios from the actual card I was using- edit out the nvidia header with hex editor- then point it to that rom when building the machine. Then ran the full windows install from the physical monitor and it worked flawlessly. If I added VNC at any point it did not load video drivers.