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  1. Thanks. Is there any way to configure rtorrent to bypass the privoxy for specific trackers?
  2. I don't have the budget for a large enough cache SSD but performance from a raw disk image on a spinning disk with Windows Server 2016 is quite poor. Can I improve this by passing through a partition from an unassigned disk? If so, how do I create a partition on an unassigned disk and configure a VM to use it?
  3. I have added a new 2TB drive to my array, but with it empty, it is showing as 2.03GB used of 2TB, the drive is formatted as XFS. Why is this?
  4. Transdroid has stopped working since the last update, any idea what setting I need to change?
  5. I pass-through a PCIe USB 3.0 card so that I can use Windows Server backup to a USB drive, after rebooting the VM it can sometimes hang at the splash screen and sometimes causes unraid to kernel panic and restart, is this likely an issue with the card itself and if so, what are the most compatible cards to use?
  6. After rebooting my server, I had to change the mapping back to the /mnt/user/transcode share and then back to /tmp/transcode in order to get anything to play. Any particular reasoning for this?
  7. Having a look for something to put in a dual 5.25 inch bay in order to add additional drives, I see the EverCool dual 5.25 inch bay which takes 3 HDDs, does anyone have that? Doesanyone have any other suggestions?
  8. Netdata docker has throttling shown in the charts.
  9. I don't expect anyone to know the answer to this question but I'd like to understand what might have happened. I have upgraded my license and added an additional drive, in order to add the additional drive, I had to re-route some Sata and SAS cables, as one SAS cable was in use on a SATA drive and I needed it for the additional one I was adding. The drive in question was the parity drive. On plugging everything back in (this was done whilst server was running (but with array unmounted) as its a pain to get it to boot from USB), which I've done before with no issue. On remounting the array, one of the drives was reporting Unsupported Partiton Layout, I have no reason to think this drive has issues or is drying, I have had to unassign the drive and then re-assign it for unraid to begin the rebuild process. Here is the relevant info from the syslog. I now no longer have an sdb device listed, but it is now instead sdj
  10. I feel like the watchdog script is too aggressive as deeming rtorrent down and restarting the docker. Can I change the timeout somewhere?
  11. 2x Xeon X5660 with 32GB Ram. Parity 6TB Disk 1 3TB Disk 2 3TB Disk 3 2TB Disk 4 2TB Cache 1TB Unassigned 2TB I run 3 VMs (Ubuntu and Win7 on Cache, Server 2016 w/ exchange on Unassigned) I download to the Unassigned 2TB from binhex-rtorrentvpn I run the following dockers on the Cache: binhex-rtorrentvpn duckdns duplicati jackett Netdata PlexMediaServer (transcodes to Ram) radarr sonarr tautulli I'm not experiencing any slow down as such, but since moving the Server 2016 VM to Unassigned it appears to have made the dockers more snappy. I have access to a 240GB SSD, could that fit into the configuration? I'm not concerned about array speed so don't need it for caching writes.
  12. I can never get past 200 before everything stops but I feel like it's an issue with my hardware, I just haven't identified what yet.
  13. Is there any way to exclude a tracker from going through the privoxy?