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  1. Spies

    My pet hydra.local

    Is ACS override detrimental?
  2. What VMs are you running and what resources have you got allocated?
  3. Spies

    Spare SAS Controller Card

    I have a LENOVO 46C8935 9212-4I4E in my current unraid system but wanted to get something inexpensive as a backup in case the controller ever fails, what is the most cost-effective option at the moment?
  4. Spies

    PXE Docker Container?

    I currently use a Windows 7 VM with Serva64 in order to boot machines off the network and run tests/windows installations without needing to use physical media (we are a PC repair shop), is there a docker container which can give me the same functionality as that of Serva64?
  5. Spies

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    I've used this on my server before, but a long time ago, which worked perfectly for what I wanted to do. I've tried to use it today and all I get is ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE even after reinstalling the plugin. Edit: seems the link points to http when it should be https, use SSL/TLS is set to auto under my Unraid management settings.
  6. Any way to enable more than just 2 DNS servers in pihole?
  7. Spies

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Rutorrent

    Correction, mine used to work, now it doesn't. Edit, my paths were not set correctly in radarr and sonarr, I think this was the cause.
  8. Spies

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Rutorrent

    Mine works fine with the box ticked and /.*/
  9. Spies

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Rutorrent

    Would I run into any obvious issues by having my downloads folder on my NAS and using Unassigned Devices to map it into the docker container? My cache drive is used for a lot and torrents require a lot of i/o, the local network is 1gbit.
  10. Spies

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Duplicati

    So I found the issue regarding SMB2, so I have now changed the option and completely removed my old Duplicati container and appdata folder in order to start a fresh, but now I'm having an issue where Duplicati errors when it tries to write to the network share. Access to the path "/backups/duplicati-20180519T202052Z.dlist.zip.aes" is denied. This didn't happen before I removed the container, I am using the path in the container as /mnt/disks/duplicati with r/w slave. Any ideas? Edit Edit: Accidently changed something in the container vars, its all working now.
  11. Spies

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Duplicati

    This docker has started hanging, what log files do I need to look at to try and work out why?
  12. Spies

    WebUI has become unresponsive

    Log file on the flash stick?
  13. Spies

    WebUI has become unresponsive

    I ended up having to forcefully reset the server. My Dockers and VMs have always, and still do store their data on my cache disk.
  14. Spies

    WebUI has become unresponsive

    I found that command and ran it about 20 mins ago, it's still not finished
  15. I think this has been caused by Duplicati but not 100% sure. The stats tab and the Duplicati docker wouldn't load, I tried to stop the Duplicati docker and now the whole UI isnt working, I just get a 504 Gateway Timeout. What can I do to get things working again? My VMs are still running fine but I want to be able to gracefully restart the server if need be. I have SSH access. Thanks.