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  1. Ignore that, just figured out my own stupidity after another cup of coffee. files are mounted in /disks and for some reason I was dyslexic. rsync -av --progress --human-readable /mnt/user/Movies/ /mnt/disks/PVE_BigData_Files/Movies/ rsync -av --progress --human-readable /mnt/user/Movies/ /mnt/disks/PVE_BigData_Files/Movies/ works. now to let this run for a year
  2. I always forget how I did it, and or can't find on google what's going wrong. Setup is a Proxmox ZFS share in SMB (confirmed it's mounted and works. have multiple time machine backups hitting folders within this share) Unraid 6.8.3, and mounted that share locally on the MAIN page. lists the share as //pve/BigData. What I'm not getting is that I was expecting to see a local mount point in /mnt and thought I would be doing a local rsync between the /user/Movies within unraid to /mnt/Movies etc.... but I don't see /mnt/otherserver smb share listed there... what am I missing? unraid is Proxmox ZFS is with a SMB share direct from within proxmox /BigData. Side note: I then tried just straight up from unraid in ssh terminal: rsync -avP --dry-run ~/Movies Apollo@ Apollo@'s password: sending incremental file list rsync: link_stat "/root/Movies" failed: No such file or directory (2) created directory /home/Apollo/BigData/Movies sent 18 bytes received 62 bytes 22.86 bytes/sec total size is 0 speedup is 0.00 (DRY RUN) rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1189) [sender=3.1.3] not sure why it's looking at /root/Movies and trying to create a directory within proxmox in /home/Apollo/BigData/Movies when it's in the root of the system when I look at the terminal there. Simply just trying to mass move from Unraid to a ZFS share 100TB
  3. I never added any data to those disks. I installed them, forgot about them and when SMART ran it found they were bad. so I disabled them. Doing a new config would be wiping everything? I remember reading about it, but not fulling understanding if I was going to lose everything. I'm guessing based on what I remember, and your comment. That doing so would allow me to remove the disks, but the whole thing would need to rebuild from parity less the disks I removed, and would take what ever amount of time unraid does for my data set (30hrs).
  4. got it, thank you. There's no easy way to remove that correct? Thanks again for the answer, sorry it took so long to come back around and give thanks. New kid, new focus in the house.
  5. Looking for some guidence on why my parity is showing as invalid. Been running unraid for 2 years now, no real issues. just noticed that I got the orange triangle. Did a manual scan last night and it has 0 errors. Only thing I can think of is that I put an old drive in a while back and it failed, (no data on it) I was just adding it to the system for eventual use. IF that's the reason, can I not simply remove the drive from the array since there's no data on it with out blowing everything up? Never removed a drive in unraid before.
  6. ok, so manually typing everything in worked.... I even made sure after pasting it in previously to delete and spacing and re-type the last letter to make sure there were no spaces... ok, back in business! Thank you.
  7. not super familiar with docker commands... what specifically am I doing... within the command line of unraid or console of plex, running "docker run image ID?"
  8. Had it working, had to re-install plex, no I can't get the GPU to transcode. Lost my plex library, deleted docker, CA template and started fresh. Re-followed the install instructions for plex, variables etc. enabled hardware within plex menu etc... rebooted. Still can't get it to work. Testing on mobile phone, HEVC to x264 over Internet. Even playing .avi files I'm not seeing it convert like it did previously. Rebooted the server, checked nvidia plugin's there etc.... what else can I do to try and figure out why? Unraid nvidia plugin is on the rc5.
  9. ok, screenshot of the shares. For the sake of doing this one last time, deleted the plex docker, deleted the CA template. re-installed plex (did an immediate update), added library's back. Currently rescanning all files (gonna take a while)
  10. doing this now. I'll check my CA templates and files... might end of just starting fresh again. This was a fresh install friday, did the plex update to the docker today and poof. made all the changes above, waiting for Mover to finish and i'll come back with a screenshot. Thank you for the help
  11. Guess I was thinking this was all point, click, shoot and done. It was working flawlessly for a long time, made some updates to the os for using a p2000 nvidia card and now it's lost what was there before. I appreciate the quick response, just at a loss as to what needs to be done. Before, to my understanding, all I had to do was create the mount points for the files and then add them to the docker container paths (Movies / TV Shows) . Never messed with a config file etc. Assumed that was all taken care of by the template.
  12. I guess now after googleing docker /config for plex, I was assuming the template used by linuxserver.io had that preconfigured.. are you stating that I need to manually set this as a variable?
  13. this is what I show when going to the folder. as for the /config container volume, I've never set that before...
  14. Everything was running fine till I did the p2000 unraid-nvidia updates. Now it would seem, when plex updates it's wiping my library everytime... do I need to set the path for the library to something different? Everything is default to my understanding.