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  1. My wife and I are discussing getting new gaming rigs and I mentioned using Unraid + GPU Passthrough. Is it practical to have 1 machine with multiple gaming VMs? Our monitors are all within a few feet of each other, basically a big lan party. Planned Specs: 1. AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-Core 3.8 GHz 2. 64 GB Ram 3. Motherboard with 3-4 PCI-E GPU Support (if it exists) 4. Nvidia 1660 ti x3 or 4 I would give each gaming rig 1 dedicated GPU, and 16GB of ram + a 512GB ssd drive. All 3 VM's would get 4 cores, unless we go with 4, then I would possibly look at the 16 core. A positive to this approach is that the system is contained within a box with an exhaust fan sucking the air out keeping the room cool.
  2. Thank you Hoopster, I will follow exactly this. I will use the 256 SSD as a cache, and the 1TB as an unassigned. I will look into a 2nd video card as well. Great advice, thank you again!
  3. Hello, I am planning my build, and am wondering if I should use my M2 1TB SSD has a cache drive, or a 250GB SSD drive? Machine: Ryzen 1800x (8Core 16 Threads) 32GB Ram Nvidia 980 TI 12 TB Easystore HDD 4TB Random HDD 3TB Random HDD 1TB M2 SSD 256GB SSD 80GB SSD -- pretty old 2TB Random HDD Goals: High-Mid end gaming VM (Nvidia 980 TI passthrough) (Steam... witcher3, sc2, etc) Mid-range gaming VM (For my daughter, something for minecraft, roblox) . -- can this share my 980ti? Docker Containers (I do a lot of development, and have hass.io home assistant) Crucial media backup (Family videos/photos) Plex server On average, the machine is idle weekdays, except for the plex server few hours at night. Gaming is probably 4-5 hours on the weekends. Hassio is running 24/7 Questions: How should I set up the drives? I believe I should have my 12TB as the parity? I just bought this. Should the M2 SSD 1TB be the cache, or a smaller 256 SSD? Can two VM's use the video card? What the best way to backup my family videos/photos that has the highest chance of not being lost?
  4. I have multiple RPI3, and an Optiplex 990 server. I run plex through docker, hass.io through RPI, Jenkins, java microservices, etc. etc. My gaming machine is a Ryzen 1800x, 32GB ram, m2 ssd, and a 980ti, with a widescreen 2k monitor (gsync). I am looking to buy a gaming machine for my daughter, and a better home server. Then, I found unRaid, and love the idea, possibly turn my gaming machine into a NAS, docker/plex/ smart home, and have 2 gaming users on it. I have a few basic questions, mostly around how connecting to the system works for gaming. 1. Can unRaid stream remotely to a monitor for gaming, over lan? I would love to move my huge case into the closet, then play games through a RPI on my 2k monitor, witcher 3, eso online, sc2, etc. 2. Can two users play games from 1 video card? I believe this was called passthrough? 3. My wife has a PC on the otherside of the house. She wants to upgrade her machine soon. I would love to get a beefy server, and just have her and the kids stream games from that. 4. My current gaming setup, could the plex transcode, and game at the same time? 5. Part of #1,2... how far away can you be from the sever, what is the best way to connect hdmi, mouse, keyboard to it? Any general advice would be great.