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  1. Hi Guys, Been working to resolve some usb sound issues even though im using controller passthrough. Came across this link from mbk1969 on 'The guru of 3D' - https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/simple-way-to-trace-dpcs-and-isrs.423884/ that provides more detail then Latencymon. Feel free to go thank him direct. Just posting here in case the other post goes a missing.
  2. Thanks Johnnie, this does seem to be the cause (looks like one died) I also found this thread too. With the output of actions below. root@storage:~# btrfs device delete missing /mnt/cache root@storage:~# btrfs balance start -f -mconvert=single /mnt/cache Done, had to relocate 4 out of 158 chunks root@storage:~# btrfs device delete missing /mnt/cache ERROR: error removing device 'missing': no missing devices found to remove I'll spin up the dockers and see if stays up now.
  3. Started a few days ago. Unraid vm's and docker go no longer accessible to users. Unraid GUI is accessible but uptime is not showing top right and some screens do not load (like the array operation). Command line will not clean shutdown the server (waited hours), so have had to hard reboot it. There are some upstream timed out errors from nginx but im having issues working out the cause. storage-diagnostics-20190817-0323.zip
  4. 'Looks' the same as the Sonnet Allegro Pro USB 3.0 (which is discontinued and seems unavailable to buy anywhere) but different colour pcb, same chipset. Anyone tried it? http://www.ioi.com.tw/products/proddetail.aspx?CatID=106&DeviceID=3035&HostID=2035&ProdID=1060179
  5. Hi, As your software suggested I post this to the support form (using anonymous checkbox) I am in case it could assist others. I suspect this is the cause: Jun 23 20:31:23 storage rpcbind[30976]: connect from to getport/addr(nfs) Jun 23 20:31:23 storage rpcbind[30977]: connect from to getport/addr(nlockmgr) Jun 23 20:31:23 storage rpcbind[30978]: connect from to getport/addr(mountd) That address has had an update of some existing software but it does not use nfs. If you concur that this is the culprit I'll contact the developer. Thank you. storage-diagnostics-20190625-0934.zip
  6. Cadal

    Server Issues

    Well its been two days and still stable.
  7. Cadal

    Server Issues

    Hi Johnnie Black, Thanks for the info I'll check it out, thanks for the SSD tip too.
  8. Good morning all, Love the new branding guys. So had bit of an issue with my home server this morning. noticed a vm didnt have its services running unable to access the web interface of unraid lights-on console displayed "hangcheck: hangcheck value past margin!" over and over was able to perform a software shutdown from the console. diagnostics attached seems to be running fine at the moment (set troubleshooting mode) have not updated to 6.6.1 yet and wont until I work out what the issue is or someone else is able top advise. Thanks in advanced if you manage to take a look. I'll update the thread with a reply at 24, 48, 72. Hardware profile has been updated. Suffice to say 16GB of ECC, Xeon 1230. storage-diagnostics-20180930-0850.zip
  9. Hi Guys, Been off on holidays and now back - I must have missed the notification of replies too - but the crash hasn't happened since. Should it happen again I'll post a more viable diagnostics file. I do have a separate issue but I'll post that in a separate thread if I cant resolve it myself/after reading more Squid posts (sorry couldn't resist) - vm suddenly started dropping into UEFI shell - got it running but by exiting to bios but its weird (dont like weird!). @Squid I like humor and thus take it as good - what's this normal you speak of? @kizer was just wondering that as I'm new, that said have purchased a pro license anyway, as I'm pretty happy with the solution. Thanks
  10. Well this hasn't occurred again since (good!), though I have patched to the 6.3.4 (doubt that did anything for this though). Judging from the lack of response (no disrespect) I didn't attach enough information (aka it rebooted so the syslog was useless) or require payment for support, which I probably will do once I get the system stable, i'm dealing with some gui hangs which could be a plugin I just installed...
  11. Updates: Common fix extended scan completed with: Which i think i fixed that one. Unfortunately the syslog is from after the reset, i know that's bad
  12. Hi, I have been evaluating Unraid 6.3.3 for purchase, coming from a working no issues Freenas setup. Everything has been fine and I was about to purchase, I have been doing a lot of reading (a lot of Squid posts too :P). I had just finished a second parity check - I accidentally turned off the server a few days ago - the server has been running fine since though so not sure what happened and since I'm new to this platform (but not Debian) was wondering if I could get some assistance please. The server is up now but I have it doing another parity check which takes about 8 hours, poor little hard drives! Thanks. Common fix plugin installed, no issues displayed. I have activated troubleshooting mode though. Only issue besides this one is docker keeps giving errors when attempting stop docker apps or remove them. Hardware Specifications have been uploaded to Limetech however they are: Supermicro X9SCL Xeon 1230V2 16GB of ECC DDR3 LSI Internal SAS SATA 9211-8i 6Gbps 8 Ports SC826 Case (SAS2 Expander) 6x HGST 7200 drives. 2x 250GB One Sandisk Extreme One Samsung 840 Evo (didnt have this for freenas) 9130 UPS (installed with NUT plugin) Attachments: Recent completed memory test (before moving to Unraid), the screenshot of the crash was scrolling very fast, this is from the refresh in IPMI not sure if it got anything useful though. storage-diagnostics-20170513-1105.zip
  13. Thanks for fixing the FAQ, but you guessed it - there will be tons more broken - sorry i'm finding them as i'm kinda new.



    Appdata Share (Source):
    (If your appData share is not listed, consider installing this plugin in conjunction with this


    Within the CA BackUp / Restore Appdata Plugin.

  14. Does the second parity drive have to be the same size as the first? Hi, Link doesn't work - also what the answer?