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  1. Okay got passthrough working on the second GPU... i found faulty PCIe power cables..... Got everything working now - thanks for your help. I am running beta though.
  2. Thanks, so there's some hope for me. Able to share details on how? I mean slot used on Gigbyte extreme mainboard, xml's. If using PCIe ACS override or/and VFIO allow unsafe interrupts. I'm using a vbios, multi-function (basically as all of spaceinvader one advice). But haven't tired the override or unsafe interrupts as it all breaks up fine on its own.
  3. @jwoolen that goes for secondary passthrough of GPU? I have a 1080ti and 970 and cant for the life of me get the 970 to passthrough without an error 43 - got everything else working though.
  4. I ended up with a custom kernel to fix the usb issue but still havent got past error 43 on the second GPU passthrough. AMD for virtualisation has been very problematic, again. I think this is my last jolly with AMD for virtualization it just going from one fuck-up to the next. I mean wendal can do it but that guy can do anything.
  5. Yeah sorry didnt notice it was test until after I posted thus the edit. Prob a good call on your part, im not sure if there will be linux server support after test.
  6. Hey Ich777, Edit: darn its just the testlive one - not stable one yet. So up to you and others if you want to spend time on it yet. It seems like a popular game though. Looks like Night of the Dead have a dedicated server now, yeah its Windows 64bit. Guide Prerequisites 64-bit Windows Steam client SteamCMD Install Install SteamCMD on your host. Launch SteamCMD on your host and use it to download the server files.(Remove the < > and replace them with double quotes, for exam
  7. No I never did, I should probably look at it again, but so many things to do.
  8. Thanks for your work been using the userscript for ages! Some way for the plugin to ignore or handle disks set in vm xml that are addressed to hardware would be good. I have mostly vdisks but if it encounters a hardware addressed disk in a vm it seems to bomb out. Default settings no snapshots. vm with only vdisks - did okay vm with only vdisks - did okay Vm with vdisks and hardware addressed ssd bombed out with "/tmp/vmbackup/scripts/default/ line 424: vdisk_types["$vdisk_path"]: bad array subscript" vm with only vdisks - didnt get done as
  9. Hi, Can I get a comment from someone with a TRX40 Gigabyte Extreme that was usb onboard pass through working with this patch? I tried both 4.19 and 5 with the same vm freeze issue unfortunately. I know the creator doesnt have a TRX40 but looked like the same issue to me.
  10. @Sgt.Ogre 45:00.0 USB controller: ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM2142 USB 3.1 Host Controller works okay for me without ACS patch. A spare USB card is probably the easiest as option as Per @jonp comment but it would be a pity with 5 USB controllers to only be able to use one. In the current version of unraid trying to get the starship or onboard audio to work increases in complexity... Generally everyone is getting this: "There are 2 USB roots on the CPU and 2 on the chipset. The ones on the chipset are in the same IOMMU group and also contain the wifi, bluetooth, and
  11. I don't know if you progressed this, but a search on the forums looks like no one else did - though an internet search seems to show some interest. As I couldn't find a newer post on the subject i ressed this one (sorry mods!) The project you speak of is quite active and to answer your question I think docker is more likely to work. I can see you (or someone with a similar name) started one here: probably with the same conclusion but I think it links to an older forked git. I'll have to remember how to create docker setups again o
  12. Yeah I have 3x Supermicro SC826's so i cant even take my own advice, but as I'm consolidating to one soon I'll probably follow it then!
  13. Worth taking a look at the drop in drive cases too fit more and with unraid you'll likely be turning off the system to replace drives rather then 'hotswapping'.
  14. Latest Sophos XG i440 4.2 and Seabios seemed to work for me.
  15. Just in case you didn't notice... "This part list is private." Also may want to list your use cases/what you plan on using it for, unless that's within the link we cannot see.