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  1. CrushFTP Further playing around, I can access crush on my test server using the edge (chrome) browser, I cannot access crush on my main server through edge. The crushFTP.log looks fine until I try and access crush on my main server then it gets those long log entries. Confusing part, I can access crush on my main server and test server using chrome browser just fine.
  2. Not sure what is wrong, but I am sure it is something with my server. I installed the crushftp docker on my test server with the same port assignments and network settings (stock) and seems to work great.
  3. It is in bridge, I only changed a couple port numbers that were already being used by other dockers.
  4. CrushFTP.log Here is the log, only thing I changed is the wan IP. Question, if I change the ports that I want to use in unraid during setup is there a config file somewhere that I also have to edit?
  5. I probably did something to muck this up. Once installed and the container starts I cant access the ui. When looking at the log this is what I get. Is there a permission I am missing? Unzipping CrushFTP... Creating default admin... Admin user written to:./users/MainUsers/ cat: can't open '/etc/system-release': No such file or directory CrushFTP is not currently running... cat: can't open '/etc/system-release': No such file or directory Starting CrushFTP... OK
  6. I clicked on vnc.html and it brought up the VNC page in the browser, then clicked connect and it started the rest of the install process.
  7. Yup, missed that some how, removed and recreated the SMB share but sailed right past the remotes folder instead of the disks folder. I think what got me is that the original folder under disks is still there so I just automatically thought there it is lol.
  8. I seem to be having the same issue as cferra and squid. I can see the full network share if I click on the mount point, but I can only see one folder inside the docker (should be two) and none of the subfolders. I also updated UD to 2020.10.21.
  9. NVM, found out that remote access check does not work when using custom URLS on the plex forum.
  10. After setting up plex behind the reverse proxy does the Remote Access always show the Red ! and say not avaliable outside your network? Or does it mean I still have a problem to sort out?
  11. Did you ever figure out a solution to this?
  12. I am working away from home right now but will try and remember when i get home, about three weeks but everything is stock. i actually just pulled the usb key out of the old server and resetup the array with the same drive order, changed the network options and it all just worked. I wanted stability so I never messed with overclocks besides setting memory to XMP profile(or AMP for AMD I think) to get it up to 3200Mhz. As for EFI or legacy I am positive it is set UEFI. The motherboard being used is the Asrock TRX40 creator. As for the network I have not capped that yet as so far I have been transferring to the array of spinning disks and have not been able to max out the 10Gbit connection, but it has maxed out the spinning disks. If I can remember anything else I will let you know.
  13. I know it is a little different but I have a threadripper 3960x running for almost two months with no problems so far. The only minor issue I am having is getting temps from cpu and that is apparently a driver issue(or lack of driver) for the newer sensors.