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  1. Dent_

    Trx40 motherboards

    So far I have not found an option to select which pcie slot is used for the boot GPU on the Asrock Creator TRX40. It is possible that I overlooked something but I do not believe it is there.
  2. Dent_

    Trx40 motherboards

    So not being able to find much other than one site that compared the asrock creator and msi creator I decided to go with the asrock creator and see if it has the options I want, such as setting the GPU slot for boot. If not, well darn haha.
  3. Dent_

    Trx40 motherboards

    You bet I am, didn't even think of that so thanks for pointing it out.
  4. I know they are still very new but I am wondering if anyone has info on the various trx40 boards and their compatability with unraid and hardware pass through, iommu groupings and such. I am currently looking at the asrock trx40 creator, or the msi creator trx. I already have all the other parts for my upgrade including the 3960x, but it seems the mobo is the hardest part to decide on, and find. Leaning toward the asrock because I believe that was a board that level1 had good luck with the iommu grouping in the past, but for the price difference I would also like that 4 x nvme to pcie card.
  5. That wasn't me, that was patm95 that said he is going with the x399 fatality, which is why I was asking if he is going with the 2970wx. I will try and start another thread on those boards, dont want to go off patm95 thread topic
  6. Are you still planning on going with the 2970wx?
  7. I got lucky. Working night shift this rotation so more than the usual amount of free time and was watching all my favorite online computer stores. Some time around midnight the day after launch memoryexpress had one pop up on their site and I made one of those probably not smart snap decisions and bought it. Now I get to spend the next three weeks knowing it is in my "nerd room" as my wife calls it and not be able to play.
  8. When ever you do pull that trigger I wouldn't mind hearing how that cooler(or whatever cooler you end up with) works out for you. I picked up a tr 3960x and I don't think that cooler will cut it when the cpu is under heavy load, but I would be happy if I were wrong and could switch to a non aio.
  9. Wondering if you found a good 4U option? As of now I have a coolermaster Ml360 tr4 on the way that I will have to slightly mod the case for and would rather not if I don't have to. Also an aio is not my most favorite option in a 24/7 server in a rack that I don't look at often due to possible failure but...not a lot of options I have found.
  10. I am seeing this as well. Originally I didn't notice because I just dumped a bunch of movies in a test directory to play with and when I checked it was still converting them. It wasn't until after all pending tasks were gone did I see that most of the movies did not convert as there were no failed in the list. If I restart the docker it starts trying to convert again and all that are left either stop immediately or go a few % then stop, but still nothing in the failed list.
  11. My unraid box is running on a 5930k and I just let unmaniac use it all. Avg times so far are around 1hr36min for a 1hr52min bluray rip with only one worker running. A 43min tv show took around 50min with 3 workers running. I am seeing similar results in my tests so far but is going to most likely vary a lot depending on the original file.
  12. I know this is an older thread but, if anyone comes here looking for an answer to this here is how I fixed it. In bitdefender (maybe similar in other antivirus software) go to protection tab on the left side, then to Online Threat Prevention and click on Exceptions (not settings under Exceptions) and add the ip of your unraid server (or whatever address you put in the web browser address bar to access the gui) then click save. Cant promise this works for everyone but, it worked for me.