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  1. I want to have optimal drive throughput and read/writes, but beyond that, low power is clutch. Thank you for the suggestions.
  2. I believe I'm in the clear. Everything seems to check out. Can you take a look and review my final diagnostics? - I regularly get the 'my CPU may be running at 100% 24/7' message via Fix Common Problems (which would explain 123W while idle right now) - Any other issues worth fixing? unraid-diagnostics-20200218-1437.zip
  3. Quite possibly. Before I posted, I double checked all my cables. I am guilty of having my case open. I've been testing several old SATA hdd's using unassigned drives.
  4. After running xfs repair again w/o -L, the Unmountable Disk Error disappeared and I was able to begin a rebuild. Here's current diagnostics. unraid-diagnostics-20200218-0609.zip
  5. Running a Parity-Sync/Data-Rebuild. Wish me luck.
  6. Results of -L xfs and new diagnostics unraid-diagnostics-20200217-1928.zip
  7. I was scurred. I tried running it without any arguments as -L sounds like impending doom... "may cause corruption". Running it now w/ -L.
  8. Alright. I am able to now mount and unmount the array successfully. However, this error is persisting, even after remounting the array in normal mode.
  9. If I go ahead and mount the file system, I'll be unable to unmount it and rerun the repair. :X Edit: I think I know what's causing the issue. I recently created a User Script to do a syslog tail to the array. Could that be the issue? Disregard. Fixed the issue.
  10. Apologies. I thought that's what was requested of me: "Tools, diagnostics, attach the zip file to your next post." I ended up doing just that. Thank you. Are the results of the xfs repair sent to a log file for me to post? Should I run it in verbose mode w/o -n to repair it?
  11. I have mapped network drives on a Windows machine. i've tried disabling my ethernet card on it for a min or so, and it still doesn't unmount.
  12. Thank you for the guidance. Are there any scripts that help with umounting user shares that get stuck? This occurs frequently if I simply want to take down the array. " Array Stopping•Retry unmounting user share(s)..."