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  1. DOH! Was there some specific way I was supposed to get the diagnostics to make sure it was included? Any tips on getting rid of the bad docker mount? Here's the screenshot of the run command for plex
  2. It took a lot longer than it usually does, but I just captured the log while the RAM was at 100% usage. mongo-diagnostics-20200211-1957.zip
  3. ok, thanks for checking into that. I'll keep an eye on the usage and grab the log the next time I see it full.
  4. Attached run command & transcode directory below. It looks like DLNA is off, if that's what you meant.
  5. Hey all, I'm still having problems with Plex filling up the RAM to 100% then locking the server up every other day. A reboot of the plex docker fixes it temporarily. I've attached my sys log here, but I rebooted the docker before I downloaded the log. Hopefully it's helpful. mongo-diagnostics-20200129-1744.zip
  6. Would love to start trouble shooting this. It's locking up every other day.
  7. Well the problem happened again. Plex went up to 100% RAM usage this time and totally locked up the clients. Server was running super slow too. Once the Plex container was manually restarted, everything went back to normal. Any ideas how to fix this? It's very frustrating.
  8. I'll grab a screen shot if it happens again. Zip attached Yeah, I created that share a long time ago. Can't remember specifically why. mongo-diagnostics-20200111-1659.zip
  9. Cool, just changed it. Thanks! Will monitor to make sure that's fixed the problem.
  10. Sorry, I'm not sure how to find the docker run command. Is it in the logs?
  11. I'm not sure what to provide here. What kind of evidence do we need? I can stream multiple streams at once with the RAM usage hardly being affected. But the RAM will be 99% used when there are no active streams. A simple restart of the docker takes the RAM back to normal.
  12. I just recently switched from Binhex to Linuxserver distro of Plex. I'm noticing that every few days Plex builds up to using 99% of RAM, approximately 60gb. I restart Plex and it goes back down to 1% or something. What could be causing this?