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  1. My double parity array has a number of modern hard drives, plus one ancient 500GB laptop hard drive. The old drive has just failed. Is there a way to rebuild the array without replacing the failed drive? I'd like to just have one less drive. Thank you.
  2. I received a 4TB HGST server take-off (used) SAS drive in the mail today. Plugged it into my server, and it is not initializing. The disk log indicates the following warning: UnRAID kernel: sd 8:0:2:0: [sdj] Read Capacity(10) failed: Result: hostbyte=0x00 driverbyte=0x08 UnRAID emhttpd: device /dev/sdj has size zero The smart report indicates: device is NOT READY (e.g. spun down, busy) A mandatory SMART command failed: exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T permissive' options. My configuration zip file is attached. The device is sdj.
  3. My Intel RES2SV240 came in the mail today from a second hand online seller. These things are supposed to just work as soon as plugged in, correct? I tried it with both an LSI 9211 and 9271; also tried it off the motherboard powered via a molex connector. I tried many combinations of port sockets. My test hard drive is not detected. The drive is detected when plugged into my raid controller cards directly, so I know the rest of my system is fine. Can I assume the expander is broken, or is there something I'm not doing right?
  4. I'm about to put a bunch of drives into my server. All drives are the same size. Option A: two matched 5400rpm drives for parity Option B: two 7200rpm drives for parity, but different manufacturers Which should I choose for better performance? Thanks!
  5. Are you in China? I'm in China and have the same problem. I'm pretty sure the AWS server is blocked by China's internet censorship. EDIT: I connected my router to a US based VPN server and was able to successfully update the Unraid OS, confirming the above.
  6. Hi Peter, I live in China and am having the same problem that ideaman924 had back in April, except with the Client plugin. When I try to open the settings page, all I get is the unraid interface header with a blank page below. Any solutions for this? The server app works fine. Thanks.
  7. As I understand, all the disks are used when turbo write is enabled. Do these answers still apply with turbo write?
  8. I'm buying drives for a new build and have some questions. The current plan is to have three 3TB Western Digital Red drives (5400rpm) to start with, and to expand as necessary in the future. 1. I have on hand a couple of 7 year old 500GB 2.5" hard drives ripped out of old broken laptops. Am I correct in assuming that if I add these two old drives into my array, their much slower speed would massively reduce the overall performance of the entire build? If so, is there anything I could use them for in my unRAID build, or am I better off just forgetting about them? 2. Comp
  9. I looked up what this means and it sounds like a bad idea. I'll find a regular retail version of the CPU.
  10. First time unRAID builder. This is for a home use NAS designed for a couple of simultaneous Plex transcodes, plus storage duty in an occasional photo/video editing environment. Some of the choices are influence by what I've been able to find used online. CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620 V4 CPU QS MB: X10SRL-F RAM: Samsung DDR4 16G ECC 2400 RDIMM (1 stick) HBA: Dell H310 PS: Corsair AX650 Boot: Kingston DataTraveler 8GB 10gbe: Chelsio T520-CR (x2, one each on NAS and workstation, direct connection) HDs: WD Red 3TB x 3, 4TB x 2 (what I have on hand, enough to start with) Be