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  1. Hello All I have just got myself an LTO 7 tape loader connected to a Windows 2016 Server. My plan for this is to backup my UNRARD Server. Important files go via CrashPlan to the cloud but for the big data where a local copy would be better I plan to use the LTO Auto Loader. Now I have installed and configured Veeam - Community edition. - Does anyone else have this kind of setup? I have added the UNRAID Server to Veeam which went fine. I can now browse the data on the server, but it shows me the data by DISK under the MNT directory and not the shares. Down side to this is backing it up for a restore later is going to be tricky. Other options for Veem is to add the shares as in as a path but this needs NFS or SMB which both fail when checking my shares on my UNRAID server. Anyone else have this kinda setup and managed to get something working? Thank you
  2. Thank you - its not due to expire for a while - I just wasn't sure of the renewal process. Thank you!!
  3. Would I be correct in thinking if a cert that has been issued by LetsEncrypt is due to expire if I restart the container it will be re issued with a new end date?
  4. Hi all anyone know of a good CD that can be used to boot from to wipe out passwords on a Windows 10 workstation? Have a friend who has forgotten her password and I would like to try and reset it before re imaging the PC. Thank you
  5. So watching the below video - UNRAID - May want to look at the limit it has on total number of HDD lol
  6. @johnnie.black - Thank you for the help and advise! Worries me that VM's are on a cache and its one drive. Need to see what PCI-E slots are in the Dell server and look at a PCIE card that I can put 2 MVME drives on to allow some kinda redundancy. Either than or UNRAID support LOT - But I feel thats a long way off.
  7. So when I did this I watched the sapce on the Cache disk when I invoked the mover and saw space used going up - So I assume the HDD have been moved to the cache disk now? attached are the diags Thank you
  8. When I setup the VM i left the locations to default
  9. Hi @johnnie.black Hopefully you can open this one r2d2-diagnostics-20200220-2054.zip
  10. Will try again later tonight only have an ipad at the mo. So it could be doing something to the file. Will post agin tonight
  11. Ha now i look like a right plank... lol Attached
  12. I am new to UNRAID - Where can I get the Diags from ? The Cache disks is 1TB in size and only using 6%
  13. Hello Forum Have a quick question - I have a few VM’s running and they keep entering suspended or paused state - I have disabled all power saving option within Windows 10 itself (the VM) but I cant work out what’s causing the VM to do this. Is there any way I can keep them running ? Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the advise @wgstarks I am almost done but I cant sort out the import after download which may need some googling on my behalf. Everything is working fine, but as my Seedbox is hosted in the cloud (not on my local network) when it comes to import Sonarr looks for a path that is on the remote seedbox and fails - as expected as its not on my local network. so the video doesnt get moved from my download drive to the media drive automatically. What does work is the manual import - So within Sonarr my DATA path is to the location of where my downloads come to when they are finally pulled from the SeedBox to my local network. What I cant work out how to do is how to get Sonarr to forget about this remote path that its getting I assume from an API or something - and search this DATA path and import what it finds. I have tried to create a Remote Path Mapping with the IP of the seedbox the path that it gets given, and then the local path /data/ but this doesnt seem to work, so not sure if I have set that up correctly or even if its the correct thing to do. If I download a few shows and do the manual import everything is fine. But I would love to get it to be 100% automated
  15. So the only part that still not working is the moving of the downloaded file. My setup is below - incase I have done something stupid. - But that said I cant see anything within Sonarr about the import of the file once its downloaded. So I have Sonnar which searches the torrent site and adds the torrent to a hosted SeedBox File is downloaded from hosted seedbox via Resilio-Sync to a share on the UNRAID server - called Downloads Once the file is on this share I cant figure out how to tell Sonarr its there, so it can pick it up and move it to the correct folder within the TV shows share. From the one I have just tested - its trying to import the file from the folder structure on the remote seedbox and not from the downloads share on the UNRAID server as I can see this error in the logs Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /home/psb21620/files/.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTb