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  1. ah I see, that seems like plenty (but more is always better if a new one is just around the corner ^^) So the 10700 requires the newest version of unraid? That's not a problem, but now I wonder if the 11700 may not work until another new version of unraid? Or was there something special about the 10700 that caused it not to work on older versions?
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my cpu and motherboard. Due to the use of plex it needs to be Intel for igpu hardware transcoding. I'm thinking to go with an i7 10700 as I don't believe there is much improvement for the upcoming 11700 overall. But it does come with a newer igpu, so I've been wondering if that might make any difference worth waiting for? Dockers I will be running: Plex Radarr / sonarr Sabnzb Deluge Nextcloud Openvpn Mariadb Mongodb Ombi Pihole Swag Self made docker (running scripts in a browser hour